Cycling no more

Just sold my pushbike to a nice chap from Bournemouth. Fed up really, I’ve enjoyed cycling all my life but tried again 2 years post stroke but to no avail, my right leg wants to pedal into my back wheel which is not good. Stopping also not good, fell off at the first set of traffic lights but luckily no harm done just appeared sozzled to the assembled onlookers who appeared in droves as I flailed about. I am now looking at an electric trike, I’ll probably look like Noddy but hey ho. Has any one else had trike experience, good or bad? Jerry.

@Jerry so sorry you’ve had to give up your cycling. I don’t have a trike or a bike but there are people on the Different Strokes Facebook page who have trikes. May be worth you having a look there?
Kind regards

That’s a shame Jerry, but at least you tried. I think electric trikes are great. I have never ridden one but imagine they are just as good as electric bikes.

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Many thanks for that info I will check it out. Jerry.

Morning @Jerry. Sorry that you have stopped cycling. I used to cycle alot- my husband got me into it but I did it to spend time with him as much as anything. I want to sell my more expensive hybrid but my husband won’t let me so it’s gathering dust and making me sad in the garage.
I’ve been using my old mountain bike though. I fell off on the drive the first time I tried, but I’ve gained confidence and some strength which helps. I have to patch my right eye to prevent double vision so looking over that shoulder is a challenge which meant I had to stop every time I wanted to turn right. With practice my balance is coming to look fully behind me and I’ve also put mirrors on my handlebars. We are fortunate the roads round here are residential so it is quiet. The nearest big shops are further away than I can walk and I needed some straw for my strawberries so I was really pleased I managed to cycle the 14 miles round trip with my rucksack. The boost to my independence was priceless. I hope you can get a trike sorted out. Our neighbour had a health scare whilst out and swapped his bike to an electric and gets huge pleasure being able to do what he did but in a different way now. Sorry I have no info on a trike but I can understand the loss of a part of your life you loved. I hope you make the transition, wishing you well, Julia

Hi Julia,
Many thanks for your words of encouragement they were most appreciated. I am lucky that my vision wasn’t affected unlike yourself but after cycling most of my life, now 63 my right leg wants to do it’s own thing. I’m glad you are back in the saddle but please be careful turning right. I have seen some great Jorvik trikes that look quite rugged, but expensive, my three daughters want me to stick with my Rollator with basket and seat bless them, but I’m not done yet. I hope the good weather keeps the slugs off your strawberries. My very best regards Jerry.

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