Curious and at the end of my tether

Hi I’m just wondering if anyone else has an issue with thinkingvthet you sre going to wet yourself or the bed? I haven’t but slalways have the feeling I’m going to has anyone had this snd hoe do you overcome it I had my stroke in February 2019

Joanne, I am 75 and have always dreaded the idea of incontinence. On my stroke rehab ward three years ago I was the only one out of the four of us who did not wet the bed. I did have a catheter in and was afraid I would wet the bed when it was removed. I didn’t. I also have diabetes and have, for some years, always had to get up in the night to go to the loo. Recently my insulin was changed and now I rarely go to the loo in the night at all.

Stroke fills our minds with all sorts of fears and most of them are groundless. They ease with time but never quite go away.

I cant really tell when I need a wee or whether its for number 2. I get an idea but it isnt really good enough. It has gradually eased. I go to the loo too often, but if I dont then there is an accident. As i say, it has eased over many months. I can call for the incontinence nurse or I can go along on my own. I choose the latter. Very interesting what John has said. I wake three times most nights which is too much. Its easing now the weather has warmed up. I keep reminding myself that there is nothing wrong with my functions, its "just" the messaging system. All these tablets also change our toilet function.

Stroke doesnt just get the limbs, it has a good bash at most of our internal organs. Our amazing brain can learn how to regain control. 

You are very early days. You should likely get very decent recoveries throughout the first two years and especially the first six months. And I suspect that being less old your recovery will be faster than those of us not so young.


Thank you hope you’re doing well