CT brain scan results

For some reason I can’t seem to upload the findings on my recent CT head scan ….

all I get is a link which doesn’t work either …… I need some help with my recent head CT scan
I seem to be having problems finding the group too and it doesn’t look right …. Can someone help please as I need to get this sorted


Aha ! Once I had finished it and it appeared … I see the “findings” have actually appeared …… can someone please please tell me in plain English what they all mean …. It is 2 years since I had 10 TIAs and 2 small brain bleeds, around same time as now, and I had been getting a few weird feelings in my head. I asked doc could I be referred but apparently she can’t ask for a scan unless there are specific symptoms of stroke which seems rather stupid, but she could refer me to the local Spire private hospital where it was done …. And all for the price of £735 !!! so I would love to know what all the things actually mean … so thank you in advance x

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Happy to help but what with?

Re the findings - normal caveat - not a medically trained applies…

1st for £700 you’ve a right to expect findings to be interpreted in language that is fit for the purpose of communicating to the customer (The person who paid the bill - you)

2nd one can only assume that “no convincing” are weasel words escaping the possibility of sued for wrong voice to say “well it could be but maybe isn’t…” And they may be because there isn’t a before and after to compare.

Almost all of it says couldn’t find a problem…, EG infract is dead tissue caused by a clot or a bleed - and none was found. The hypersten… Is described here but it doesn’t tell you anything about what it means for quality of life - my lack of medical understanding can’t separate the description of an HFI & comment that “no boney abnormality found” it appears contradictory but then the author doubtless has understanding I dont!

Don’t know what the significance of the sebaceous cyst is and whether its internal or external - they normally occur in the skin when a pore is blocked and can be lived with for years and maybe removed with a very minor bit of surgery…



Nothing alarming I can find, Ismeval,

About HFI :

Definition of ‘hyperostosis’ = an abnormal enlargement of the outer layer of a bone

Hyperostosis frontalis interna is a common, benign thickening of the inner side of the frontal bone of the skull, usually asymptomatic. Mostly frequently it is found as an incidental finding discovered during an X-ray or CT scan of the skull.

What is attenuation in medical terms?

Attenuated: Weakened, diluted, thinned, reduced, weakened, diminished

I’m a violinist not a doctor, but I looked up the above quickly in Google,
good luck, Roland


Thanks very much Roland. …. I don’t know if I am coming or going at the moment…… my husband was rushed into hospital, 11 days ago, could hardly get a breath and had to call emergency out and they were very quick …. He has a chest infection but he also has asthma and COPD so has been very worrying as he just turned 80 years old …. I can’t drive to the hospital my arthritis is not good, won’t risk driving that far , and not near family here so very difficult to get someone to drop me off for a quick visit …. he isn’t too bad now but hospital want to arrange a supply of oxygen at home for him for emergencies … but at least it wasn’t another stroke or anything … so thanks for help x


Thanks Simon … I still have my husband in hospital after being rushed in with extremely low oxygen …… 11 days now … but as I said to Roland, at least it wasn’t another stroke …. difficult for me to get to hospital, so a very worrying time and I really mis him after being together 57 years, strange to be in an empty house … so thanks again :+1:


Sorry to hear about your husband and hope he is back home with you soon. Could you set up a video call with him if you can’t get in to see him?

In relation to your scan findings when I get results I don’t understand I usually speak to my GP to get them to interpret them. You could also call the clinic you went to…given the cost I’m sure they can explain it.

From my non medical perspective it looks like they found nothing of significance.

Best wishes


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Wow respect you guys re:57 years, and may there be many more!!
Good luck, ciao, Roland


Thank you … we met long ago when we were both in the army and never been parted since …. We even both had strokes around this time at the same time 2 years ago :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Ann, was a bit of a shock and a scare :flushed:…. He doesn’t do any form of technology …. Driven and repaired everything from a motor bike to a tank, but can’t do (nor want) anything to do with internet, just not his thing …… he could build you a car from scratch, but don’t know anything about computers …… his phone is for emergency only when he is out in car anytime …. It just rings and take photos, but nothing else, designed for elderly who don’t like technology ha ha …. He can stick to mending the car if needed, and leave me to technology … I just hope we get the oxygen quickly then he will come home …. I am actually glad it wasn’t another stroke …. It was my own doctor who got me the copy of the CT scan and I don’t want to bother her when I don’t need an appointment as they have been soooo excellent when he has been having these problems xx


Hi Bother your doctor that is what they are there for you are entitled to a detailed explanation and it may give you some peace of mind.


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My GP is not there to be “bothered” he works far too long and hard …. But this CT scan was not done through my own doctor nor the NHS ….

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