Crying - for no reason!


Well this is my first post since my stroke in January which I thought I was coping with OK.  However, yes you saw it coming, there is something I haven't been able to stop.  Just when you think you're fine, something reminds you that you're not quite there yet.  Ok, so, I cry

I cry at emotional things.  Phil Tufnell winning Question of Sport, I cry.  DIY SOS when I'm watching with my daughter, I cry.  Gary Lineker saying that Arsenal Midfielder Aaron Ramsay is the best they've had since Pires as a game changer, I cry.  

Does anyone else have this?  It's not random, it seems when it's an emotional overload.  

Thanks for reading,


Hi Simon,

Welcome to the forum where you will get support and advice from SS (stroke survivors).

There are lot of us on here who have had emotional issues due to stroke, if you go to forums and then to emotional support ( why do I keep crying) you will see lots of experiences just like your own. I’ve had the same sort of problem myself but have to say it’s happening a lot less now. It’s more than a year since the stroke. It is a very common symptom which over time does start to happen less frequently, but can still happen when you least expect it. 

Hope this helps you, you are not alone.


Yes, its very common. Can be embarrasing. Im 3 years on and the crying has improved slightly, but the inappropriate and uncontrollable laughther seems to have got worse and this can be worse than crying. For example, at a funeral, the curtains drawing to close, and bursting out in loud laughter. Recently, got the courage to go to the cinema, a serious (quiet) moment in the film, and again for no reason loud and uncontrollable laughter erupts. Im just glad it was dark. Just another thing to have to take into consideration when leaving the safety of home that NO ONE apart from  fellow SS  can comprehend. 

Yes I can imagine how embarrassing that must be for you. I think it could be quite isolating as well, it’s another aspect of stroke that those who have not had one would not understand. 

I found joining my local stroke group helped me, you’ll meet people who really understand what you go through on a daily basis. They are a good support group.

Dear Simon

Yes there are many who report this. I never cried pre stroke. Then tears fell a lot. For me it has just gradually eased and now I am trying to see if I can make a funeral without losing control. Up till now thats not on. But the best thing is that it has improved gradually without any effort on my part. I am 41 months post stroke.

It wasnt random for me. Just silly things. The first ime was dropping a tea tray. I cried for thiry minutes.

I guess a major victory for me. I was a season ticket holder at Vicarage Road and I didnt cry on Saturday.

Best wishes