I use my time doing crochet, for prem babies, friends asking family,.I have right side paralysed. My husband has made a tube out ofa swimming noodle enabling me to push a hook into it and away i go! Couldn’t do it left handed.



If you have photos of your work it would be interesting to see, if you are happy to share.

I too lost my right side skills, it is quite a blow. Well done tackling it in such a positive way.
Your husband is great supporting you like that.
best wishes

Keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smiley: :+1:


That’s a great achievement. I have left side paralysis and am unable to carry out my hobbies before my stroke. Always pleased to hear when someone has managed to overcome their problems.

Great your husband was on hand to assist :clap:. Thank you for sharing.

Regards Sue


I was very keen to be able to knit post-stroke. I use double-ended needles and a pad which fits on my waist. There are quite a few gadgets to allow one handed knitting.


Thanks for responding :grinning:

Thanks for responding :grinning: all tips help others :+1:

What a great thing to do. I bet your work is very much appreciated by the prem babies unit / families xx

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Mrs5k I’m just filling my 1st large bag of boys and girls hat, various colours & sizes. If just passes the day. ::baby: