Critical Life Insurance Cover

Hi All

Question, can anyone recommend a Critical Health Insurance company that will insure me post stroke?

I did have critical health insurance, thankfully. I have had a stroke at a young age and did receive a pay out.

However, I am more than aware that I hopefully have much longer to live and I could encounter critical health along the way, that may not be a stroke.

I am struggling to find a company to cover me for the future. I expected to find a cover that excluded stroke but not a blanket no cover.

It is unfair. My stroke was completely unexpected and now I seem to be excluded from protecting myself for the future, when ill health is more likely to strike!

Any suggestions please. Thank you in advance.

Hi, I am awaiting confirmation of a TIA and stroke and was looking at my life insurance policy too. Did you manage to find any further information about this?

And I agree, it isn’t fair. The pay out was to support you after your stroke but surely you should still be eligible for further cover to protect you going forward. Otherwise, what is the point?
I hope you get answers and manage to find cover x