Creating posts using mobile phone

Hi (& sorry if this is in the wrong area).

This is probably for the admins to address but recently I have found posting on my phone Android) to be even more awkward than before.

When I write more than a few sentences I get close to the bottom of the box which eventually puts my cursor underneath the purple Help ? Thi makes it very difficult to see what you have typed.

Perhaps I could ask one of you to try typing a similar length post to this one and you will see what I mean.

If there is anything you can do to move the Help ? to the top of the screen (or have it floating so users can move it out of the way) it would be a great help.

Look forward to your feedback.


Hi @Ingo66 ,
Thanks for raising this issue. We have been made aware of it and are working with our development team to find a lasting solution to it. In the meantime, we’ll disable it on mobile. If you have any problems using the site you can click on the “Help with this site” link in the menu.
Best wishes,

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Thanks very much Clement.

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