Crap day

Hi guys, not been on here for a while, I've been great this past month. Ive felt like the old me but then today I've had a busy day and I feel so exhausted, physically and mentally I just want to cry I feel so anxious and I don't know why, it's comes like a wave over my body. I suffered with severe anxiety about 10 years ago and would hate to get that way again which is making me more anxious. Maybe because I've felt so good and today has been so tiring that's why. Also I'm back at work next week which I'm happy about but worried as well ?

Hi there - so pleased you've had a period of good times, hang on to those memories even though you're feeling really low at the moment.  You know you will come through it - you're exhausted, brain is trying to get your attention.  Tell yourself (and your brain) that you will rest now, you will be safe and this will pass.  Your brain will know what to do if you give it the chance.  Take care xx

Hi. Take it easy when going back to work. Be kind to yourself. You have had a month of feeling great and will have many more I’m sure. 

Eventually there will be more good days than bad. I have been thru the same anxious feelings and having panic attacks in shops. I am 14 months down the line and a lot of the anxiety has gone. I went back to work and i think it helped get normality back in my life, although the tiredness still hits me and sometimes have lie down for an hour when i get home, that is how i cope. Just be patient things will get better, good luck back at work.

Thanks for your reply, I hope work goes well too I'm hoping like you said it will bring some normality back. I feel better today x

Thanks I hope I do and you too, things can only get better. Well things can get worse but fingers crossed they only get better ? x

Thank you so much for your words, I know you are so right. Take care too xx