Crafting is for everyone

There are always limitations to what we feel we can do and that doesn't change after a stroke. Craft isn't just something to keep kids busy, it can be a therapeutic and enjoyable pastime that can lead to a lifelong passion. I myself am a true crafting all rounder, I dabbled in a few crafts mainly due to working in a craft shop before my stroke, but craft had always been a part of my life. I truly believe that there is a craft out there for everyone and the only restrictions are ourselves. My craft is Pyrography (woodburnt designs) I would love to meet any fellow crafters.

Hi my name is Phillippa. I love craft too. I had my stroke on 2013 aged 50. It affects my processing mostly. I love to knit and crochet.. also needle point. 

Hi Phillippa,

That pillow is amazing! The colours are gorgeous. And welcome to our community! We'd love to see more of your crafts.  laugh

Thanks Andrew.. creativity is a joy to do and has been an important part of getting better. I really want to encourage others to do what they can. 

Hi I’d like to show you my day at York River Art Market what do I learn from doing art shows or craft shows, I learn how to speak to people I don’t know, which is difficult for me. 

Hi does anyone make cards