Length of time for isolation and symptoms of covid with reference to stroke survivors.

I have contracted covid. I am on my third day of isolation. My symptoms are not severe,just a heavy cold and sore throat. I have done a PCR test and will get the results back next week. Has anyone else had covid and if so how are they coping? Lilian

Hello Lillian,i had covid at end of September, didn’t know until I did a test,came back positive 3days later really bad headaches,no smell,no taste ,very tired and hot and cold shivers with no energy.after 8 days started to feel ok again but took over 2months for smell and taste to return,that was really weird.all ok now although I’ve since had laryngitis then banged my head at work and cracked a bone in my neck, damage muscles and nerves,all from trying to go too fast,not looking where I was going,I’m an idiot!!!I hope you’re feeling bit better and still getting stronger everyday :heartpulse:

Thank you for your reply Bernadette. You have really had a rough time. I hope you are better now but you must take care. I am retired now and so it has been easier for me. I have not felt I’ll, just sneezing and a heavy cold. I had no loss of taste or smell. I have been vaccinated and boosted, perhaps that is why my symptoms have been mild. Take care Lilian

Thankyou Lillian.i too was double jabbed and had booster so i think just unlucky,in fact very unlucky I banged my head very badly at work 3weeks ago and have re inflamed the nerves and damaged muscles in my head,neck,jaw,and shoulder where the stroke affected me before,agonising pain unable to move head and neck so off to hospital again,put on strong pain relief,muscle relaxants ,neck brace etc all because I wasn’t being careful,when will I learn to try not to be as quick as before,more haste less speed.anyway went back last night did 4hours shift and all ok,no accidents but tired today.i hope you are doing better are you getting out and about when you can?was xmas ok for you?Best Wishes Bernadette :heart:

Dear Bernadette. Hope you are feeling better. I am well and fully recovered, no I’ll after effects I had a lovely Christmas. It seems a long time ago now. We had most of the family here, apart from the ones in Dubai and Spain. There were ten of us altogether for dinner. We did not cook though, my son and granddaughter did it. We are no longer isolating and I have been out for coffee this morning and the garden centre this afternoon. Back to normal now! Good to talk and hope to hear from you soon. Lilian

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Good Morning lillian hope you are wrapped up warm,brr its cold .just thought I’d let you know had another shift at work last night and all went well no accidents yipee!!hope you are Bernadette x

Dear Bernadette Good to hear all is well with you. We are both fine now, out of isolation. We have been for coffee this morning and I have walked round the supermarket . I am pleased with my progress and I am sure that you must be with yours. Love Lilian

Good,glad you are on the mend,I’m back to work Wednesday so chilling out as they say today.keep up the good work take care live Bernadette :heartpulse: