Have got COVID so it’s a lockdown Christmas for me

Get well soon Des and have as good a Christmas as you can.

Dear Des. Sorry to hear that you have got Covid. Hope you are not feeling too bad. Lilian

I do hope you get the milder version.

Where do you reckon you caught the virus ?


Sorry to hear that Des, hope your feeling better soon. We’re all having a different sort of Christmas this year.

Hello @Des_murphy, sorry to hear, I hope it passes quickly with minimal symptoms. Have a lovely Christmas, as much as you can in isolation, and may the entry into 2022 be as pleasant as possible for you.

Sorry to hear that, hope you don’t become too unwell.
Regards Sue

Hi Des what bad luck. Here on Hants/Sussex it seems to be all around us. Was due to take Grandaughter to theatre this afternoon , had phone call just now saying cancelled actor playing ‘Stickman’gone down with Covid. Hope effects are not to bad . Son took to bed for couple of days & said headache for him was worst part. Hope you get off lightly as you have enough to cope with.what strange times we live in! All things will pass or must pass , can’t remember if agony Aunt said that or wise Chinese poet ? Have the best Christmas possible to you ! 2022 must be better for us all

Thanks not too bad just weakness and fatguie and sleepily .sleepily could be the virus lol

Sorry to hear you have covid,I FATHER Christmas has been early this year giving the gift of covid.had it back in October it wasn’t great but I had my two jabs so probably not as bad as it could have been .the worst thing was losing my sense of taste and smell,especially the smell part very bizarre.i hope you get well soon,and recover well :heart: