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I may be posting too much, but this topic hit me today. I’ve had four COVID vaccinations and yesterday I had the variant 5th shot. I’ve been lucky with the 1st four; no side effects. But this one from yesterday has got me Knackered. I feel like I was beat up in a street fight and the spasticity knows no bounds with headache. Can’t walk much as I feel I will fall. So I assume this is a Trigger for spasticity among other things. My wife and I were anxious to get the vaccine as a few friends and family got COVID this past week. How have my dear members fared after the shots?


Sorry @Outlander that you are having this effect.

I had a sore arm for 36 hours that was it :person_shrugging:

had on 14 September… was my 5th too

I had the Pfizer or whatever.


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Few of my relatives have suffered a bit with this one, taken 4 or 5 days to get over it

I haven’t had this one yet but i’ve been ill after all my jabs. Felt really rough after first 4. Less side effects after 5th but still a bit yuck for a few days.
Hope you feel better soon.

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Same had my 5th shot on 1st October, day after flu jab , this time just a sore arm for a couple days! Previous ones though gosh the arm before also felt like a dead weight!

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I’ve had combo flu and covid shots in each arm. No after affects whatsoever. I’ve been advised by professionals that when someone is sick following their injection it is because they were already infected by whatever prior to them getting the jab. So based on this you were already sick and you didn’t know it. Ask them next time and see if they confirm what I’ve shared.


Hmm I wasn’t sick before or after. A dead weight sore arm from previous vacation is not always because someone was sick prior to vaccination, it can be just side effect of the vaccine on that occasion. Then again not everyone gets the side effects.
Have a good weekend

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