Covid vaccination

Is it my imagination working overtime I wonder? Since having my two jabs I tire more easily. I always have a nap in the afternoon but now I really really need one. I am 24 months into recovery. Had AZ jab. I am 77 years old. Love to hear from you. J

A friend of ours on the local health board told us it is normal to have a reaction to the first Oxford jab and the second Pfizer one. I suspect your tiredness is just post stroke fatigue. I have napped every day at noon for five years. I have also found that if I do a bit too much in the day, I need a second nap. I am also 77 so age is probably a factor as well.

Thank you John. It is then,just as I feared post stroke fatigue. Ah well! It doesn't go away does it? Being 77 doesn't help just as you say. J

It does ease and some people do lose their fatigue. Mine eased during the first months home but never went. One of my physios told me to rest for no more than hour and not to go into a deep sleep. The odd thing is that I get up at 7,45am, but have to nap again less than 5 hours later. After the nap  I can stay up till 11pm. That's 10 hours.