Covid Jibby Jabs

Hi, just wondering if anyone experienced a stroke following there jibby jabs I did shortly after
and after research the figures are astounding worldwide

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Hi I didn’t but I’m a little concerned about having the 4th jab. Does anyone else have concerns if it’s your first post stroke jab?


Huge concerns after extensive research

Yes i beg to differ, stroke specialist at hospital was baffled as to why i had one after all scans and tests, my discharge sheet stated no cause identified. I have always had my doubts over the jibby jabs, search a group on FB called “died suddenly news” you will be gobsmacked

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@Seb1 I have always wondered if my booster was responsible for my stroke as it happened so soon afterwards - 3 weeks I think.

I asked my consultant a few weeks back if it could have been the cause but due said it was highly unlikely as my platelets were fine.

I’m a bit wary of another jab as was poorly after all 3 of mine AZ & Pfizer. Still deciding if I should go for no 4.

I would strongly recommend you do not

Hi @Seb1 - with respect, I don’t think any of us should be recommending a particular course of action when it comes to medical issues. People need to make their own decisions re vaccines, in conjunction with their healthcare professionals.
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@JSCAPM I agree. Most of us aren’t medically trained & should do what we feel is right for us based on our own health issues & taking medical advice.


I’ve had two strokes but have had few problems having my four Covid jabs, just a sore arm after jab four. I get jab five and a flu jab in a fortnight.

I had my first jab AZ last February… no issues. Had my 2nd at Easter where I had strange side effects although not sure if they were jab related. By July I had my first stroke & 2nd in December. I’ve not had any boosters since as no one could confirm or deny if AZ was the cause. I would have a booster if I could be certain it was not the cause so for now I won’t. I did not catch covid even after being in & out of hospital & working in a school. I’m good thanks

My daughter has joined the conspiracy theorists in thinking that my stroke may have been related to my second (Physer) vaccine, my GP thinks that it was caused by a clot that I released in my back while reversing the car which then travelled to my brain. I’m still waiting for the results of a heart test to see if it was caused by AF and I wonder whether it was the result of chopping down a Rowan tree and letting the witches in. In other words I have no idea why I had a Stroke. Having had various bugs much more seriously than I would have done before when I flatter myself that my immunity was quite good I will be having my fourth jab I’ll be nervous about it but on balance I think it will be a good idea for me

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I have my 4th jab due in 1 month. My plan at the moment is to go ahead with it but I hope to talk to my GP/stroke specialist beforehand about the risks of having the jab vs the risks of not having the jab.

Three months after my stroke had visit from local eccentric ,was sitting in garden at time chilling out. She was so pleased to see me looking so well, advances towards me pointing accusing finger Do you know why you had your stroke ? Before I could answer heredity HB pressure which I didn’t know I had , She shrieks the covid vaccine, Don’t think so I say only had my first jab two weeks ago. Water of ducks back. I asked her to leave as I was trying to recover from stroke and your twaddle has put my recovery back by weeks. We as SS have enough problems to cope with without in my opinion concerning ourselves with this rubbish

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Obviously, it is down to individual choice, for me bieng a healthy person before I was scared into having
jibby jabs and now suffering strokes, I’ve done extensive research and have no doubt the jabs are responsible, the figures world wide will astound you

Hi Fiona … I have had TIAs and brain bleeds since actually having covid in March, never got my spring booster because too close to having covid …not sure about getting my autumn booster and flu jab … however, I am Wiccan (and also known by my family and friends as “that old witch” ha ha … …ohh dear, you chopped down a Rowan tree … I will send Reiki healing for you … you will be fine… it is very very rare for us witches today to curse or harm anyone xx

Hi Seb, I had brain bleeds and TIAs after actually having covid and missed the spring booster … still not sure if I want the autumn booster or even the flu jab which I had never had until the pandemic …I might phone my doctor at some point and chat about the pros and cons … .

The information we have on our website about Covid-19 and stroke is regularly reviewed.

I can see that the page on the vaccine specifically was updated just a couple weeks ago.

Just adding a link in case people are interested: Stroke and the coronavirus vaccine | Stroke Association

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Hi Seb - I’d be interested in seeing what you are referring to. My opinion at the moment is that the risk of getting the jab as a SS is less than not getting it. Do you have data that goes against that? I’m very open to learning if I’m wrong!

Yes, agree, we both also had the autumn booster yesterday …it was ffizer, plus the recent omicron variant … I had Covid in March this year, and shortly after started getting TIAs, then 2 brain bleeds …I do not ever want to get it again … but that is just me …


Hi,I’m another who’s experienced a minor stroke back in June…I’ve had 3 jabs, after the third I was pretty poorly for a couple of weeks, so definitely not having another.Never had a flu jab and don’t intend to.I’m 66 pretty fit,I’ve run marathons, climbed mountains,eat a vegan/veggie diet and I’m a big conspiracy theorist.Something is not right with this”virus”.My two boys have like numerous mates haven’t had any jabs but move in a sociable society without anyone “catching Covid”.It’s got me thinking why have we had a stroke!!