Covid booster

Just a quick question please around Covid booster jabs.
In your experiences which is the one that has the least chsnces if side effects?

Ive booked mine forc3rd Decenber and reading the info - it suggests that i will get the most appropriate brand for ny circumstances… just wondering how others have got on.

Thanks in advance for any replies

Hope all your Thursdays have started as well as they can x



Hi Andy, I had my 3rd jab in September, also had flu jab. I was given moderna . My pharmacist said everyone gets that one, I was fine slight achy arm but all good

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Hi Lorraine, my first two were PHIZER I had no problems


Cheers Chris.

Had my flu jab Tuesday this week…no issues there thankfully.
Slight achy arm sounds good to me!!!

Keep smiling and progressing as best you are able


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Cheers Loshy

Got new neighbours moving in next door best do my Mrs Mangle impression!!!

Take care and thanjs agIn for your message

Andy x

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Last year I had 3 lots of Phizer - just a tender upper arm for about 36 hours. This September I had Moderna Spikevax - tender upper arm lasted for 3 days. No other noticable side effects from either vaccine.

If I have a tender arm for 2-3 days I see that as far, far better than 2-3 days of Covid!

Couldnt agree more…

And thanks…wise words much appreciated


I take what I’m given and it was Moderna. Try to avoid a flu jab at the same time as quite a lot of people who get the two together have been ill.

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Thanks John
Yes a gap of nearly two weeks between them was deliberate.



I had Moderna for some and Pfizer for others. I noticed no difference. had mild fever (treated with Tylenol) briefly with both. Jeanne

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I’ve had 2 astra zeneca & 2 pfizer & was very ill after all of them. Everyone reacts differently so you can never tell. Where I live you get what jab is available on the day. There was no choice.

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Ah ok.

Thanks hope not too poorly for too long

Cheers - ill just take what they offer. Got to be better than getting sodding covid.

It floored me in august 2020 when i got it then

My first vaccine was Pfizer in February 2021 and the following month I had a cerebellar and TIA strokesAyear later I had a Moderna booster and about 10 hours later couldn’t stop shivering and was violently sick. The next day I even messaged a local church that I can see from the house to book a plot (they don’t do that) ad I felt so ill. My husband was fine after his and I was okay after a Moderna booster October 2022.

I had 3 Phizers (fine first one, ill and then stroke after 2nd, too busy feeling unwell after stroke to really notice 3rd) and then a moderna (with flu at the same time) after which I only experienced a slightly sore arm. I really have no idea whether any of them did me any harm or were associated with the stroke and I think on balance that even if they were Covid could have been worse

Gosh thats awfuli hope that feeling of being sopoorly didnt last too long for you.
Your hubby looked after you im sure x my wife having her booster same time as me.

I dont think there will be a choice so i’ll talk to them on the day and see what they give me.

Thsnks for sharing your experience Sabrina x



Cheers Paul

Thanks for your message


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