Covid booster

I have just had my Covid booster at the local mosque. All well and efficient. ' Flu injection next Saturday. Lilian

I had my booster a week ago and flu jab two weeks ago

I hope you are doing all right. I had no ill effects. Lilian

I am doing good thanks how’s things with your self. No ill effects from the jab apart from a bit of a sore arm

I am doing quite well. I am trying to improve my stamina in walking and also using my right hand more. I always try to remain cheerful. How are you? Lilian

I am doing quite well thanks. I had my stroke about five years ago I can walk and talk ok but still have some weakness in my left hand. I spent a month in hospital and a further 9 month’s recovering at home I am lucky that dvla let me drive again and I am still working

Thank you for your reply. You sound as if you have made a good recovery. I am nearly three years after my stroke and like you was five weeks in hospital. I no longer drive but since I hated driving that isn’t a problem to me, just my husband. who has to do all the driving now! I am now retired, a lady of leisure. Good to talk Lilian

I have made a good recovery. I was just 44 when I had my stroke. If it wasn’t for my wonderful wife Anstice I don’t think I would have made such a good recovery. Anstice and my border terrier Rrnie kept me sane

It is good to know that your wife and dog have helped your recovery. I have been helped by my husband, son, granddaughter and great grandchildren. It is hard to feel sorry for yourself with so much love and support. I also have part share in a border collie,Ludo. He is very affectionate.Lilian

Thank you Lillian wishing you all the best and things continue to get better