Covid booster in hospital

Geoff’s booster is due.
Hospital say that they "don’t have the facilities " to give them. I queried it with the Patient Liaison team, and was told hospital is in the foundation trust, covid boosters are the local CCG and never the twain shall meet.
Is it just me, or is this total insanity? Surely the best way to keep covid out of the hospital would be to ensure everyone is up to date with their boosters.
I think I might be fixated on this, because it’s something I can get annoyed about?

Jane, I think I’ll phone the surgery just to see - thank you for the suggestion. It seems totally nonsensical.

Thank you​:heart::crossed_fingers:, I’ll post my response here x.

I agree it’s crazy - Mum should have had her booster the week of the stroke. I really don’t see why they can’t be given but overheard someone else having the same discussion and the nurse said it needed to be organised with her GP when she gets home :roll_eyes:

It’s bonkers, isn’t it? I thought time was of the essence with the boosters. The nurse on the acute ward told me they don’t have the facilities :exploding_head:, here was me thinking it was a HUGE hospital with a pharmacy.
The world has gone mad.
Take care x

I’ve got to get my booster fitted in somehow, just heard on local radio that " most GP practices are giving them. I don’t drive, so just rang our modern, purpose built practice to see if I could get it there, where I can walk to, as all other options aren’t walkable. Just been told "we don’t have the facilities " is this a covid-related buzz phrase atm???

For every Covid vaccine I’ve had (both and then the booster) I had to drive to different places - first 2 at a hospital and booster at the Islam Centre in town as the GP wasn’t doing them. No surgeries I know of have done Covid jabs!