Covid-19 Jab: which group?

Hello, I read somewhere that people recovering from stroke and their carer move into group 6 in terms of priority for receiving a vaccination and that they should let their GP know. Can someone confirm this and point to the relevant text where this is laid out? Many thanks.

What you say is correct. Here's a link to an article about it. All I did was ring my GP and ask for my husband to be flagged as my unpaid carer.




Hi Mark , if you Google this it would appear to be correct. I think it would probably take you to this site. All the best David. 

I rang our GP to register as my Mum's carer and was told 'we don't do anything like that'.....

I think they've got it wrong. Have a look at this article and ring them back. Quite the article if they don't believe you.

Most likely be a different roll out in Northern Ireland