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Hello all. After watching the Martin Lewis TV programme, he suggested people classed as severely mentally impaired could be due a reduction or disregard for their council tax. 

Well, what is stroke if not a severe mental impairment ? When I phoned the council helpline, they said I didnt qualify as I didnt have dementia. I asked them to send me an application form and wasnt going to discuss my personal situation with someone in a call centre who was just reading from her screen and has no idea of stroke. 

The form arrived and basically required my GP to determine if I was severely mentally impaired. My doctor agreed as it has affected me in many invisible ways, for instance, no longer capable of working, physical restriction and disability, and constant fatigue and pain and confusion. People only see the physical problems, but we all know that the physical problems are not physical, but a result of brain damage and I would class this as severe mental impairment. 

Anyway, if you can get your GP to agree to this fact, then you could be be disregarded for council tax and I have just received a nearly £300 refund. I live with my son, so he still has to be regarded, but with the 2 of us here, we now get a 25% discount as he is classed as a single occupier. 

I hope this might be of interest to some of you and you can claim and make a saving. Every little helps.

Happy New Year. 


thanks for sharing


I do belive a massive amount of S/S read on this site , but do not necessarily join in . However like myself find it very comforting.  Good 1.5 years cerebellar stroke,  no real improvement. I would like to thank huntspete for his posting ref disregarded for council tax,  I too applied,  it has taken 2 months & have been granted this . Financialy  this will be a great help & hope to put towards EASY ACCESS  SHOWER , any advise or experiences on this , would be much appreciated.   Thanks David. 

David, Things differ from area to area, but before I came home I had a home visit withy my occupational therapist to see what adjustments needed to be made in order to help me cope. I already had a shower, but Age Uk put in a grab rail and a seat. This was done free of charge by the NHS.

Since then we have paid to have the shower base lowered to make getting in and out easier. Support varies from area to area, but I cannot fault the support I had in Worcestershire.


Hi  John , probably not far away Malvern ? Thanks David. 

That is excellent David, Im so pleased that you applied and were granted the disregard for Council Tax. I have just had my statement for 2021/22 and it has saved me £441 for next year. I hope the 'easy access' shower makes life a little easier for you.

If you dont currently receive the disregard, why not give it a go and dont take 'no' as answer without stating your case/reason. 

Stroke is a brain injury which in itself causes mental impairment, I guess it comes down to where the line is drawn for classing it as 'severe'.