Could we have done something?

Hi All

I have a question which is playing on my wont make any difference now but wonder if people can get very confused the night before a stroke?

My mum had a massive stroke in the spring. The night before she was presenting as really confused which was not her normal to talk but saying very strange things...we told nursing staff we were concerned as she presented as really confused twice before getting PE but they fobbed us off and said she was fine.  

The next day i got a call saying they were moving her to another hispital as 'she is not herself' almost two hours later she arrived at the emergency hospital and the first thing the paramedic said was 'it was very clear it was a stroke when we got there.' 

We cannot undo what has happened but the question keeps going round in round in my head. I think the reality of it all is finally kicking in now... after spending months and months fighting for mum and whats best for her and refusing to let other people make decisions for her that are not in her best interest. 

I am new to the group so apologies if my post is not allowed...i am not asking for a medical opinion...just wondering what families and stroke survivors experiences are.



Dear Sam

This forum is for stroke survivors and carers and family members, so you are welcome.

I dont think you could have avoided a stroke. A stroke is when oxygen is blocked off, either because of a bleed or a clot. Stroking then occurs. The key thing is to get medical attention within four hours of stroking, as they can "thrombalise" if necessary. 

Mine was preceeded by an evening of being a little "down" but that cant warrant any medical attention. When the stroke came it was out the blue and was all over quickly. Its a common changes in a split second.

So stop beating yourself up about it. And dont dwell on allocating blame to the medical staff. Concentrate on helping Mum as much as you can

Best wishes