Could I be the new Jamie Oliver?

I am somewhat shattered. Foolishly, I have cooked our evening meal AND made marmalade. This has taken nearly 3 hours  and the marmalade may or may not set at first go. I was going to make a cake later but that will be one step beyond.

I am uncertain as to whether or not a tv career awaits as I do not think calling a pat of butter a b...,.....d is appropriate. After all, I dropped it on the floor. It wasn’t escaping of its own accord. I also cursed the herbs, the courgettes and the onions. Ah well, a little dirt hurt no one.


John - have you ever listened to Gordon Ramsey?? ??? He's done very well building a reputation as a very sweary-bloke!!  One of my pupils loves to use the word "frack" in all sorts of permutations, you could possibly try that one for a bit of variety?!?!  

It certainly sounds as though you've pushed the boundaries today - no washing up for you, just an evening on the sofa - Take care, Nic x

Hey, John, you’ll make an excellent tv cook!  You already entertain us with your escapades and if you substitute your sweary words (interspersed with duvet type stories) you’ll be able to give much publicity to Stroke recovery.

On the sofa now. The problem is my partner cuts recipes out of the paper and says , ‘What about this?’ He expects no variation of ingredients on the grounds that ‘They wouldn’t put them in for no reason’. I vary recipes all the time.

Impressed John!!!! How are you with roasts????

How about a recipe "based on" one I cut out of a magazine!!  Variety is the spice of life, so you're doing the right thing.  

I'm just amazed at how much you manage to do, such stamina.  I sometimes wonder whether I let my husband get away with too much - I'd love to have a meal cooked for me but I think that's still a way off yet.  Now it's my turn to get busy in the kitchen .... Enjoy your evening, xx 

Only two of us, so we never have roasts. I am not a bad cook though.

Hi John & Karen, only two of us too, and not massive fans of roasts, but ... there is a lovely Tom Kerridge recipe, for a boned, stuffed, rolled turkey breast which we make at christmas, then as there's loads left over, we slice it up, freeze it & it's ready to use as a mini-roast.  The recipe is quite fiddly, and a few ingredients that we never use in anything else (juniper berries), but it's worth the fuss.  John, you might need a bit of help as the rolling etc is awkward, I know that goes against the grain, and you'll probably find an alternative method that suits you !

Yum, yum xx

Oh dear Nic.....the cake is in the oven!

Nic, Fortunately we go away for Christmas. That solves all the problems of Christmas food shopping and which family members to please. Funnily enough, I can make a Bouche de Noel and roll it up and can now roll pastry one handed. I cannot wrap Christmas presents because of my wonky hand.

My reward tonight will be a whiskey and dry ginger.

Cin-cin ?  you've earned it!!   

Can I can I book you for Christmas Day 4 adults and one dog who has a child's plate ?

I assume all of you are vegan?

Cooking is one of the best therapies you can do as we all enjoy the end result. It involves all our senses and helps our cognitive skills.just don’t try and do too much or anything too complicated. 

Jamie Oliver has good simple recipes. Loads of food on the telly as well.



Rose and I have an old fashioned marriage. Last of the husband earns, wife keeps the household. But as I cant do much in the way of maintenance etc I have tried a bit of cooking.

Not sure when I started, perhaps one year, and at first it was such a struggle, But now I do slow cooker stews, apple cake and bread pudding. Used to do fry up breakfasts but its best to have a more healthy diet so the fry ups are rare.

The other massive change is that we have a pet. Married 47 years and never any pets (one son highly allergic to cats and dogs etc). A big black cat adopted us about 14 months ago and he has changed my life. Rose goes away quite a lot and cat is good company. Just something living in our bungalow. I utterly adore him. He doesnt mind that I have had a stroke. He likes the factt hat I dont go away and I dont even have whole days out, I am always there for him.

Not for everone, but it is great for me.

Best wishes




I agree totally Sandy and was thinking the same this morning. Cooking really utilises the weak arm and hand and improves cognitive ability as you have to think the recipe through and prepare the ingredients.

I do not attempt more than one recipe a time and tend to put ingredients out first and proceed in stages. It also give my day a focus and stops me brooding

Just noticed yesterday’s cake has been posted at a funny angle and, no, I had not climbed up the walls to take a shot from the ceiling!

Why ever not? ??


Your cake looks lovely John! 

I noticed this article in the latest copy of The Stroke News, which may be of interest to you...

Take care


Ha, it's only the taste that matters - it certainly looks delicious & tempting.  You've started a new trend, nevermind pineapple upside down cake, it's c & w upside down cake - divine ?