Cost of living crisis: Information about benefits and financial assistance

The cost of living crisis is in the headlines every day. We want to know if you think the Stroke Association is providing helpful advice about this topic.

We do have some information already available. It includes summary advice on how you can access benefits and financial assistance, as well as an in-depth PDF guide and page. But recognise we may not have covered everything.

So our question for you is this:

What information would you like to see from the Stroke Association about benefits and financial assistance?

Please add any comments or suggestions below. We want to understand your concerns and changes you may be facing.

If you do not feel comfortable adding your comment publicly, please feel free to message me direct.


I had my first stroke last July, I recently had a Tia followed by another stroke. I’ve always had a good job and never felt like I do now. It took 6 months to get pip and the sick pay ( can’t recall what it is called right now) anyway, they decided that I could be ready to go back to work so they sent me an appointment with time and date which I responded to saying that was fine. Unfortunately I had. another stroke 2 days before my phone appointment so I was in hospital and was very poorly and I missed the call. A man called me from their department last week and we did the appointment. I thought it went well and got on with trying to get out of bed on my own which isn’t an easy task. I received a call from my bank yesterday telling me that I was way overdrawn. They suspended my internet banking and have withdrawn my overdraft. I’ve never been this upset about anything before I can’t pay my standing orders go shopping or even get a bottle of milk from the local co op. Then came the best bit I opened my mail and found a letter telling me that because I missed the appointment call they have stopped my benefit. If I didn’t have a wonderful husband who will come to my side I’d honestly be suicidal right now. How am I going to cope? I’m going downstairs into my pub and I fully intend to throw enough vodka down my neck and go to bed. I know it’s not an answer for anything and I’ll only do it this once because i AM worth it. And they can stick their money righ up their nasty arse.

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