Corona virus...vulnerable?

Hi everyone.

Are we stroke survivors part of the "vulnerable" that keeps being mentioned in the news?

And if so, why? 

My sister works as a doctor's receptionist and today she said that I was vulnerable because of the stroke.. does anyone know if that's true?


Hi Julie - I heard on the news yesterday that anyone who has had a stroke is considered vulnerable and I had exactly the same question. I don’t know why having a stroke increases the risk for the virus and would like to understand this so that I can decide whether to take any precautions additional to the frequent handwashing. Hopefully the Stroke Association can advise or maybe there’s someone on here with more knowledge. 

I think you need to get it into perpective - they are saying stroke patients generally are more vulnerable if they catch the virus.  Remember that some stroke patients have significant issues, others have less, so even within stroke survivors we have a wide range of variables.  They are talking in general terms, yes some are very vulnerable, others less so.  I wouldn't panic, it is just the same with regular flu, follow good hygiene practice, avoid large crowds and stay positive.

I don't think we are more likely to catch the virus, but it's the getting over it.

I didn't have the flu vaccine, I have never had the flu. Does anyone know why we might be more vulnerable specifically?


Hi Julie.

I had a stroke 2 years ago at the age of 47. I have had the flu injection every year since, because after a stroke I was told thst we are deemed vulnerable.. Flu not only makes you ill but it's said it can significantly raise your chances of having a stroke by up to 40% and the risk can last for up to a year .  With the coronavirus deemed a respiratory disease with flu like symptoms , I guess that's why as stroke survivors we are deemed in the vulnerable bracket. 

I was actually wondering the same thing, so we are at risk? 


Hi thankyou for that information, I was wondering the same thing too as I am due to go on a cruise on 4th April, Portugal, Spain & Guernsey.  P & O have only advised us to take a months medication and up to date prescription incase further supplies are needed.   We have a balcony cabin so am not worried if we are put in quaranteen, as we spend a lot of time out there reading any way.  Just need to take few extra books & chocolate!!! Wendy

I know this totally different but how long after a a stroke can u have surgery for example have this hernia and it starting to affect me when I'm walking 

Your doctor should be able to advise you. I had a tooth extracted within six months of leaving hospital and have had two cataracts done and a biopsy over the last three.

I had a full hysterectomy after 18 months I was worried as I had never had an anaesthetic in my life. The hospital were very understanding and the anaesthetist was very reassuring. It made me more determined post op to keep moving as soon as possible.

Thank you

Cavan anyone one medically trained, give us an answer to Coronavirus as I had a stoke 15 months ago and want some assurance, apart from the obvious hand washing and crowd avoiding are we more vulnerable

As I understand it, the older you are and more underlying health problems you have, the more vulnerable you are. High blood pressure, heart conditions,respiratory problems and diabetes are all regarded as risky underlying factors. I tick several of these factors but, hey, two people over 100 have survived in China! Being vulnerable does not mean being fearful. However, I am not medically trained.

I had a stroke about 18 months ago and have a good few underlying issues, like diabetes.  I guess I am vulnerable then.  On the upside, if I pop my cloggs before November this year, my insurance pays out £250k to my wife.  I am not sure whether I should worry more about this virus or my wife.

This is not a subject for 'opinion'. we NEED proffesional advice!!

If that is what you want then I suggest you contact your GP or the stroke team at your local hospital.  This isn't the place to seek that.


Yes we are vulnerable. The general medical opinion is that 'people with heart disease and those who have had a stroke are at higher risk for developing serious complications from flu'. That is why we are offered the quadruple flu jab. Corona virus is even more virulent (and obs no jab yet).

Stay safe fellow survivors!