Coping with pain and fatigue

I had a stroke 4 months ago apparently caused by irregular heartbeat,they also found a incidental meningioma when I had mri scans. I still have visual problems, so I lost my driving licence,pain in my ankle/foot and wrist/fingers and my face/ lips are completely numb on the left side with burning sensations, my face including my left eye feels tight. I have been back at work for 3 weeks on a phased return but struggling as I get so tired and have trouble sleeping  but I need to return full time as a shop manager, can anyone relate to this and how do you cope with fatigue.

I'm going home today . It will be good for me I'm told.Ive been lucky I'm only affected with my speech and burning and numbness all down my right side. When I left my flat two weeks ago I could drive I had a full bus and coach licence and I could order food with no second thoughts. I hope when I get home I'm might just waken up from this sleep.  I don't have many answers but loads of questions . Sue I've read your post and hear your pain and worries . Time is the main factor in recovery . Day one is scary for me  ,I don't know answers yet but I would think after four months your doing exceptionally well and like a lot of stroke survivors .your my hero. Tony

Thanks for your kind words Tony and wish you a speedy recovery, I feel the same like it's just a nightmare I'm gonna wake up from ( I wish )I'm glad your going home today onwards and upwards !!!I have only just found this site and your the first person I have spoken to, I am determined to get my life back although it's hard , anyway here I go off to work for a few hours lol Take care,

Hi Tony, great to hear you're on your way home ?.  You might be tempted to overdo things, so listen to your body, and remember to give yourself time to rest, if you give yourself too many challenges, you will surely pay for it!!  Take good care, stay strong, be patient with yourself xxx

Hi Sue ,thanks for your kind words too. I signed on to our site whilst sitting on my hospital bed waiting to be discharged. Im home now but cant sleep. You are also my first contact on here. Im delighted that your off to work. Its a new cycle in life coming to terms with the massive changes to life. I hope you continue to get your strength back and get your goals. Being tired at the drop of a hat is really hard to deal with as i was always on the go. Anyway its nice to hear from you and im about if you ever need to vent your feelings .Take care and never stop believing in YOU !  Tony

Thanks for your advice .Having been on the go all the time and to hit a wall like this has been seriously confusing. I will try to take on board your advice. At the moment the right side of my body dictates my movements.  Im still numb and burning from head to toe so i dont really have a choice. Im home now but nothing feels the same . Time will tell. Thanks again .Tony

im home now. Been indoors since about 3 pm. Its not going to be home for much longer as i will be moving house soon. This is due to me living at the top floor of a tennement building. I was accompanied by a lovely and very helpfull ambulance lady who helped me up the 72 stairs to my flat. 20mins to get up . That was a strange feeling as i can remember running up in two mins before i hit this wall or stroke !. I havent taken my coat off yet and its now 2am. Im sort of lost as to what i should feel or do im just writing on here hoping that it makes sense to somebody. .None of whats happening physically or mentally makes sense to me right now . My eyes are heavy and i know i should sleep but my head wont let me . Im thinking im probably frightened to sleep .Anyway thats my update and hopefully ive not bored anyone who reads this . Tony 

Hi Tony - not sure that I can be that helpful, but, I remember that when I first brought my husband home from hospital after the stroke, we had a 45 minute journey and when we reached home he could hardly get out of the car.  I was worried and wondering what to do, then he managed the two steps up to front door - just.  We tend to live upstairs as we have a large sitting room on our first floor, so he had to climb the stairs - and just like yourself it took a long time.  I was convinced that I would have to take him straight back to hospital as he was so shaky and wobbly, (I have nick-named him a Thunderbird puppet, as he's quite wobbly!)  

Those early days at home were just a constant state of anxiety - I worried about everything!  So, I think what you're feeling is normal for stroke, not a very pleasant feeling, but it's very common.  Sounds silly, I know, but try not to worry, let your brain heal, plenty of rest.  I hope you have someone who can help you, especially whilst you are still living on the top floor, there's no way you can do the stairs at the moment, and clearly not on your own.  Please take care and hope your friends, family or neighbours will rally round to support you.  

Please let us know how you are getting on, as you will have many followers on this site.  All good wishes, xx ??

hi .firstly good news im still here .i thank you again for replying. I dont know what name to call you by ? I finally removed my jacket at 4am .and eventually went to bed at 06.30. i was shattered by then .must have fallen asleep by about 8am .wakened about an hour ago .got out of bed and fell on my bum lol. nobody told my brain to remind me ive had a stroke. no further damage caused. I want to tell you that your experiences with your husband can help me and others so its great to hear from you. The sun is shining ,im still breathing and my bums not sore as i landed on my right  side which is numb anyway . So as we say onwards and upwards ,I will now have to text all my circle of family and friends and tell them the " panic " is over . Thanks again ,and regards to your husband hope he gets stronger as im sure he will having your support ,Take care .Tony

Haha, I'm sure many stroke survivors will understand your tumble, ouch, at least no damage.  You will gradually find your own routine and rhythm for day-to-day living.  Hope you get offers of help, even if it's just to make you a cuppa.

Stay strong, Nic ?

Hi Nic , ive got a good circle of people who love and care for me and now im on here my circle has increased. Ive just managed to put a washing on and make a coffee. Its crazy trying to remember to finish the things i start. Like the coffee, 25mins ,to actually make and have a drink .Just as well the washing machine does the work . Ive been in checking i put it on three times so far . Hows things with your thunderbird /?another strange thing is i can type with practically no problems one handed but i can hardly string a sentence together verbally. Im not sure if my spelling is correct but i can read it. haha. Im off to check washing again now . Take care ,Tony