I know this is not something many men do, but it has always been a hobby of mine and I have found it a real therapy for my weak arm and hand. This is because the weak hand has to be utilised to steady things when cutting,chopping or peeling; to help roll out pastry and to carry light ingredients. It also comes into play when washing up and drying crockery. I cannot manage gardening, but cooking a meal gives me a goal.

The important thing to remember is not to do everything at once, but break things down into stages. It helps to lay out ingredients and implements at the beginning and something like a food processor is a great help. Mind you, expect frustration, especially preparing chopped onions or shallots. They take no prisoners!  Also, health and safety is an important consideration as one is prone to nicks and cuts. Stirring food on the stove also needs care and it is best to take things off the hob and stir slowly. Microwave ovens are a great help too.

I write this simply because, over two years post stroke, cooking has aided my recovery. Post stroke, strangely, I have also developed a fetish for folding things like towels, tea towels, duvet covers etc., these tasks also mean controlling the weak hand and arm and using them.......I am a domestic god! I even cleaned the inside of a window yesterday.

Thank you for this post - my husband was a fabulous cake-baker pre-stroke, but the thought of standing to bake has really put him off picking up his previous hobby.  Really good to hear that you have found this to be good therapy at many levels, there are certainly a good range of skills involved even in simple recipes.  Some good tips for making this a safe exercise!  I'm sure one day he will just get it into his head to make a cake, just as he has done with various other activities which we thought he might not do again.  

I'm concerned that domestic gods may only be mythical beings and therefore as rare as hen's teeth, but I'm hoping that a unicorn may come knocking the door ready with his bucket and cloth to sort out my messy windows... 

Hi NicABella, 

If you find this unicorn could you if his has any members of his family living and working in East Sussex? 


He will. Just convince him to think of the task in small stages with rests in between. For example, grease and line cake tin. Rest. Assemble ingredients. Rest. Measure ingredients. Rest. Make mixture. Rest. Put in tin. Rest. Set oven. Bake.

This sounds like the task-analysis I would use at work, (special needs teacher), so it's very familiar to me.  I'm also willing to help, with the dreaded washing-up, even though I'm no domestic goddess angryand of course more than willing to eat the results!!  I think I'll suggest something easy at first (scones?) and then move on from there.  Woman cannot live by scones alone - sorry that's truly terrible surprise

Watch this space - it's reassuring to know that it's something you've returned to and you're clearly getting edible results - it's nice to share these things, the sense of achievement is rewarding.  

Sure thing !!  

We do exist. One of my early therapies was to make tea and coffee for a few small church related groups. The ladies are amazed. And it has helped my memory amd my dexterity. All church members remain alive. And tonight I have made my own supper of beef bourguignon and new spuds. All good therapy. Wife is away for four dys, another planned therapy to enable wife to have time away from me. I am less disabled than John and I can do the garden. Bit by bit. And tonight I have the back ache to match. 

Keep trying. Never give up.


Good to hear! I need to find one living in East Sussex! !!!

Like you I do the cooking etc.etc but not just for me my husband as well. He's disabled he has carers twice a day but I supplement these sessions in between times. 

Keeps me out of mischief and gives me additional therapy opportunities. 

Hope you and your wife enjoy your quality "me" time 



Great post, as usual, thanks, your supper sounds delicious!

Hope you sleep well tonight and won't suffer too much for your exertions today.


When I’m in the greenhouse I have a stool that I can sit and still work. Maybe a bar stool will help? 


Well done with your cooking you are doing really well. I am not well as you mine only happened this year. Regards Claire