Cooking with one arm

I am getting better at making simple meals beans on toast soup scrambled egg
The hardest part was safety in getting the very hot bow out of the microwave
Seems obvious but I need two arms to lift it clear safely
My good lady suggested a plastic jug which works
A treat as the handle is usable by my only good arm , hope this is useful to any other people in my position.


@mrfrederickson well done on your cooking progress. Yes, getting hot bowls out microwave is definitely a 2 arm task. It’s amazing how we learn to adapt though.

If there’s any going I too love scrambled egg :egg: :grin::grin:


Been mashing carrots and sweed this evening, happy to share the scrambled egg, we need a forum celebration meal
Once I have place s to perch in the kitchen it’s a case of stamina and determination, most stuff can be cooked if enough time is taken

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Yum carrots & swede mash. We had that with our roast chicken today. :yum::yum:

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Roast pork today gone down very nicely.


Well done for sticking it out and for taking on board new tips.

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Great minds and all that, was a good meal all goes towards rebuilding my body brain and mind


It’s a pleasure anything’s that helps my fellow SS and SSin their new lives

mrfrederickson, That is wonderful to have! Moira

I am sorry to have had to miss the forum

I am sorry to have had to miss the forum. It sounds as if it was a great topic. How did you break the egg? Also, how did you open the tin of beans?
I am really struggling to cook even basics.
Kind wishes

@MVernon welcome to the forum. Hope you find it a great place for advice & support…

Best wishes

Ann x

My current struggle is understanding how the forum and replies work. Margaret

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@Loshy Thanks. I will try it and persevere. Margaret

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@ZX1 @MVernon i have a version of this which uses batteries so no need to plug in. I also have a battery operated jar opener which I find useful (if you’re patient enough). I really struggle with jars these days.

It was a gift @ZX1 but I have found the same one on Amazon

I didn’t get on with it initially but then i realised i was too impatient & needed to just leave it to do its thing. I think it’s great now :grin::grin:

Do you have an ot? They should be able to advise but if you search Amazon for disabled kitchen aids youll find loads. Don’t have to buy from them