Constant worry

Hi, I’m 51 and I had a tia two months ago , now all I seem to think about is ‘am I going to have another stroke soon’ it just gets me down !

Hi John, Your fear is understandable, but it will ease. Hopefully, your doctor has found any possible cause and reviewed your medication accordingly. I have a brother in law who had a tia about six years ago and no stroke followed.

Your tia may also be a wake up call to look at any lifestyle choices that need to be made. I had a full stroke nearly three years ago and have changed my diet, cut down on alcohol and attend three exercise classes a week. I am all the better for it.

Nothing in life is certain, but, at 51, you have a lot of life left I am sure. Put nothing off and do everything you want to (within reason). I take everything one day at a time now and have never been more grateful. I hope your fears ease soon, If necessary, talk to your doctor about them. Good luck to you.

Dear John

TIA is a transient ischmic stroke. Transient in this sense means it is not permanent, so unlike many of us, you should get a total recovery and be back to your old self in no time. If you read this site there are comments about permanent damage and years of recovery. You have escaped that.

As John J mentions, you have a fabulous opportunity to avoid a full stroke. Blood thinners, BP medication, good diet and good exercise. No smoking, moderate boozing. This is a joyous happening as your TIA was diagnosed and you have been shown a yellow card. 

You must find a way of ceasing the worrying. If you cant talk yourself into it, then get counselling and get relaxation therapy. Please do this. Do not come and join us in the permanent or full stroke group. It really is not desireable.

Most of us wish we could have had a warning. You have got the warning so be thrilled and delighted you can now have another 40 happy and healthy years. Retirement is the very best part of life and you can enjoy that in 15 years time.

Best wishes


Hi John

My name is Dharl im 62 had a stroke last year that devestated me & my family. I have recovered well but my biggest fear was having another stroke. With the fantastic support i received from the stroke association one of the sessions was my fear of having another. Outcome from that was life style changes the new normal i call it. Excercise, diet, Mindset & medicine just to mention a few. Just belive in the professionals & the above thats all you can do. Hope that helps

Hi dharl, thanks for your support, it really helps to know there are people out there going through the same things !      Thanks again ?

Hi john, thanks for your advice and support, I will take it all on board. Don’t know what caused my tia as I’m still waiting for results from my tests- it’s been a few weeks since my last scan - the old saying ‘ it’s good to talk ‘ couldn’t be more apt!    Thank you.

Hello John,

Dharl’s said it all, with your new lifestyle changes and medication,plus the fact you’re still relatively young, should make a great difference. Believe me we’ve all gone through this, and as time goes by you’ll gradually be able to get on with your life and worry less. Remember we’re all here to give you any help or further advice, if you should ever need it,  use this forum at anytime!




Hi Brugge, thank you for taking the time to reply, it really does help having people to talk to, knowing I’m not alone. Also I try not to let my family know I’m worrying too much as I know they already worry - so having people to speak to is a great help! Thanks again- John 

Hi John, we’re all SS together and we’re all here to support one another. After I had ‘my stroke’ this site was the main support I relied on. Now I’ve also joined a local stroke group. Just talking to people that understand what we’re going through is a great help. Just remember you’re never alone.



Thanks Brugge - I had a really bad night last night - couldn’t sleep worrying about how my family would cope if I couldn’t work - or if I died - my head is in a spin that I can’t seem to stop. Thanks for your support - it means a lot?

Hi John,

I know things can get pretty difficult at times, after I had a stroke, I suffered a lot of really bad depression. (I’m still having some  sleep problems myself).Of course no one can tell what’s going on inside you, they see you on the outside and say you’re looking well. I get it all the The good thing about this site is us SS all know the various problems associated with strokes. It’s good to talk and we’re all here for you.