Constant Pains Aches and Covid

I just thought I would make people aware of where I am. Talk to my wife, my close friends and they say I am scared of covid and so not living my life. There may be a element of truth in it but there is a lot more.
Nearly each day when I wake up within 30 mins the following is a regular occurrence. Firstly I feel the cramps in my legs, they tend to fade, then the pain in the joints start, knees hips, ankles elbows. The muscle pain in the calfs, thighs and forearms join in. You then notice the headache that us just pressure headache and the ringing in ears on occasion. The stomach then likes to join in, gurgling and assisted by flatulence and belching. The dull ache across the chest intensifies to be just past permanent annoying and so the day starts. The majority stays with you throughout the day.
The doctors say nothing they can do so you learn to live with it . Days can be miserable somewhat but you look forward to your two dog walks (these are a slow pace )
So you put these crap days at 7 out of 10 and so therefore avoid catching or having anything else. This brings us to Covid. People ask us out and I decline. I have no intention of increasing my risk of catching Covid (flu, rsv, norovirus, as well) by attending indoor restaurants, shows etc, because others have decided to live with it and their own drive to return to normal. But if the aches, pains and annoyance are 7 out 10 would you want to add to it?
It may be my own self pity but I have enough crap days without adding to them. My days are just aches and pains (that I about cope with) and living my life within that. It may be different to yours but it is what it is. I accept this is difficult for my wife and she is welcome to go out and return to their normal with everyone else. However I will do what I have to do to make my days go by.


Well if you want to share some of your challenges we will be on zoom in about 10 minutes and we meet regularly on Thursdays

See Thursday and Christmas zooms

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In respect of your aches pains and etc. You truly have a burden :frowning:

You’ll be aware from reading here that the rest of us have different burdens so we understand, although we don’t have the same burdens so our understanding is not identical

If you want to chat join us sometime on zoom otherwise keep posting .

I think recovery is in large part attitude. That is the hardest thing to recover post stroke. Helped by having a community with which to commune



@Al59 constant aches & pains are so difficult to live with all the time & trying to find a way to live a life in pain is a constant battle. Has your GP ever referred you to a pain clinic? Worth an ask maybe. Or maybe get a 2nd opinion re them not being able to do anything to help you.

It must be difficult for your wife to see you like that all the time too.

Finding something that you enjoy doing could help take your mind off some of the pains.

Hope you can find a way to get some relief from the pain soon.

Best wishes



Enjoy your dog walks! :dog2: :service_dog:

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