At last, Stroke survivors have a way of connecting to others in the same situation as themselves.

The Stroke Association is to be congratulated for extending its website to enable this

Stroke is a perverse event.When you wake up in a hospital bed after a stroke you know full well that you should be scared;but you're not scared because the stroke has numbed your central nervous system so that you just feel drowsy.

However after a few weeks your condition begins to stabilise as you adapt your daily life to a hospital regime which provides for all yourn eeds.However the feeling of scariness never really goes away and as your stay on a ward begins to approach your discharge date,fear begins to creep in as you contemplate how you (and your family) are going to manage when you  go home-thousands of questions run through your mind about routine daily stuff- washing,eating, cleaning etc etc.

I went through this in 2014 and I was so scared(and  possibly slightly traumatised) that when I had recovered enough I taught myself how to set up my own web site to help others that might be experiencing the same

Since that time I am so happy to note that firstly the ARNI website and now the Stroke Association website have filled this gap and I will therefore close down my website secure in the knowledge that there is a lifeline for people like me.



Hi Geoff

Thank you! I'm so pleased you are happy with the site - we are continually listening to feedback and making changes, but these do take time. 

I've taken a brief look at your website - it's amazing! What a great achievement.

It's also good to see the ARNI Institute are supporting you as well - we always hear great things about them!

Thanks again for your feedback,



Thanks Vicki