Confusion post stroke worse when unwell?

Hi all.
My Mum is 3.5 months post stroke and generally doing really well.
We were at friends in Christmas Day and their relatives arrived with chesty coughs and colds.
My Mum now has the same symptoms and feels really rotten.
She didn’t sleep well last night as she has bladder incontinence so coughing has caused her to have several accidents which means beds and clothing has to be changed etc.
I got her to take her meds at lunchtime and have a drink and a biscuit, but she vomited almost immediately. So she is in a lot of pain as she is on gabapentin and paracetamol for pain control - so her mobility is affected, making bladder incontinence even worse.
I spoke to her GP late Friday who arranged for a MRT (medical response team) to visit within 2 hrs. They did not. My Dad called 111 at 2100 hrs and they said they’d call back to arrange a visit, they have not (it’s now 0130). Her BP, sats and HR are all within range, it’s more that the doc wants her checked as she is not able to take her meds. No concern about her stroke per se.
Mum does seem quite confused - she forgot her carer came in the morning to help her shower and that is bothering her.
Her short term memory is pretty poor but she wouldn’t usually forget something like that. She def gets more confused and forgetful the later in the day it is (when her battery runs low :slightly_smiling_face:).
So my long roundabout ramble leads me to ask - when you’re suffering from something else like a cold / cough / just feel bloomin’ rough, is your confusion / memory worse?
Thank you reading my ramble :woozy_face:


I’m no doctor but from experience I know that a bladder infection can make you thoroughly miserable and confused. A course of antibiotics puts it right almost instantaneously.

I’m probably wrong but it might be worth checking it out with practise nurse or G.P.

I hope she feels better soon.

Having it out on here in the forum can help relieve the pressure a little and you might get answers that work too.

keep on keepin’ on
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Hi @nsw72
In short yes to all of the above. And when it’s cold outside, or hot and or noisy and or bright lights and/or dehydrated and/or toothache or a tummy upset and/or too much excitement and/or

Be aware that while it is all plausible cause and effect there could be other causes or other effects going on at the same time so don’t completely drop your guard but don’t continue searching for something that may not be there - stroke does leave us with complexities to manage doesn’t it ?

I think you’re right to keep asking for qualified medical intervention, and you should be sceptical that when they make a pronouncement about whether or not they are correct - because they can be misled as much as the rest of us. I often find the pharmacist is much easier to get hold of than a GP or 111 and has a better understanding of the medication and implications or alternatives etc so try talking to them :slight_smile:

Good to hear from you again :slight_smile:


Thanks @SimonInEdinburgh & @Bobbi
The ambulance team were sent by 111 this morning and they gave her a very thorough check. All signs look good and she is feeling much better.
They have advised to keep fluids up and slowly introduce food and meds back in. They’ve also given a number for her to call should she go downhill.
As a Carer I have found it incredibly triggering as although my head is telling me this is an everyday virus and she will be okay, it’s amazing how quickly you are pulled back to those awful feelings from just a few months ago.
So grateful to have this forum x


I’m pleased for both you and your Mum, that’s great news.

I’ll just add that, as you know, this is a great place to report the ups and downs of your progress (both of you). I come back here and reread my early posts sometimes, it puts everything into perspective and works as a sort of journal or history of my experience.

keep on keepin’ on
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@nsw72 i’m a bit late to the thread but a lot of what you describe seems to be normal if people get other illnesses following a stroke.

I’m glad your mum has been checked over & all seems ok. It’s not great that the promised visits didn’t happen though & i would make sure that is raised with them as it may have saved an ambulance.

Best wishes to you both.