How do you get your confidence back. Mine has gone back I did start going for a coffee and was enjoying it but suddenly my confidence had gonne back how it was and I long to go out but somehow have to push myself. I know it is being silly and my sister says go for it .  I  am trying to decide whether to go this morning or not. Does anybody have this.  Norma Jean.

I don't have the answer to this. My confidence has dropped big time. I think the stroke has made me feel very vulnerable. I think it is just planning  activities carefully. As you say pushing yourself into situations that you may feel uncomfortable with. I think, like other aspects of recovery it will get better slowly overtime. I am okay with people I know and trust. I am finding it much harder with new situations and people. I am only 4 months  on and recovering going well. 

I am at the stage that I am not sure if I need/ should tell/ explain to people. The stroke is still at the front of my life. I hoping that I will be get to the point that it not!

It is early days. Like everything else I am sure it get better. Be positive  and determined. Take it day by day.




Hi Norma,  2 years on , logically should enjoy being taken out for coffee,  albeit on scooter. Find NOW , can almost over think it ! For reasons not to . Definitely need to get my act together,  63 years old , do not want to almost become house bound. Have now got grade 3 masks , should protect you better ? Had both jabs , feel again almost being paranoid ? ANY ONE ELSE similar ? 


Hi. In my final weeks in rehab, I was allowed to go out with my partner for a drive. We were going to have a picnic, but when we stopped I begged to be taken back to hospital. I realised how quickly I had become institutionalised. My first trip to a supermarket also terrified me, but I knew I had to do it. Covid has had the same effect on many people.

I think you have to feel the fear, but do it anyway. You will feel all the better for it.

Thanks for all the replies. I had my stroke 4 yrs ago so how long it takes to get confidence I dont know. I did get better but I have got anxiety at the moment as I am having my MRI in a fortnights time and am thinking about it quite often. I am a moaner sorry about that. Norma Jean.

Hi David yes I get what your saying ,I haven't been out a great deal since my stroke 15 weeks ago but when I do go out I tend to get what I need and then get home ,hate being around people ,now covid seems to be  rearing it's ugly head again ,it's so easy to get trapped by staying home ,I really have to lecture myself to get out the house ,which I done today there is actually a world out there ,which if you take precautions should be ok. ...I had the dentist this morning ,and was told to get out and enjoy life as ,just one thing at a time try to relax and enjoy it ....pippy 

I am only 4 months but have huge changes of mood, anxiety, confidence etc. I am trying to take it day by day but it's hard. I have to have an ECG before my follow up appointment. I try not to worry about it and try to think about the fact it is better to know in the hope that if there is something wrong they should be able to do something about it. It's definitely a rollercoaster of emotions. Forcing myself to do something positive always makes things seem better and takes my mind off the consequences of the stroke. 


Hi Pippy, yes once out does me good , ideally river or woods are good . Peaceful is good , struggle to turn head whilst on scooter,  need wing mirrors & reversing camera .? , It is exhausting,  half hour  max . Good talking David. 

Hey David yes I'm the same once out I'm ok for short while ,like yourself I spend a lot of time in the woods ,away from crowds ,lol I'm sure you can connect them to your scooter ...I've been in the garden the last hour cleaning bird bath out and tying up my sunflowers ,and I feel shattered ,have a good day ..pippy 

Thanks Pippy,   David.  

Your welcome David,I'm sure we will all get to where we want to be ,if we can't then we have to try and live and love the new us ..pippy 

That's that the worse of a stroke it takes the stuffing out of you your confidence levels plummet in order to gain it back put one step in front of the other and aim to walk to a post box go further each day and just fake it and before you know it you will do it without thinking about it good luck??

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