Computer novice

I am very new to computers I have a laptop which I use for this forum. What I want to say is I agree with everyone about the help I have got from this forum and all the friennds I have made on it. But I am struggling with the friends messaging I would like to be a friend but dont know how to do it. I have read what crazicaterpila had to say and I am the same I get very lonely sometimes and this forum is the only thing to keep me company. My husband is always busy caing and doing my housework and the garden and he is in his 80s.  We go a short walk each afternoon and coffee in the park most mornings.I really enjoy those things. I hope we can sort it out soon. Best wishes to all. Norma Jean.

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Hello Norma, click on the name of the person you want to be friends with. The link will take you to their profile. Below their profile picture and information, you can send a friend request or a message.

Alsoonthe website is a friend s page click that write the name of names of the friends you want and a message will be sent to them all the best des 

Thanks Des I will try that. Hope you are well. Norma.

Th anks for your reply Rups I will try that. Best wishes Norma.