Its a minor problem in the scheme of things but I wonder if anyone else has experienced rather tight tingling skin as if I’ve been mildly sunburned? I haven’t, it hasn’t been that hot here, and my skin looks tanned rather than burned (I read here that this is the side effect of some of our medications although I can’t find which one). Is this normal, and if so has anyone had any luck with creams etc to make the feeling go away?

@FionaB1 I’ve not had exactly the same as you but I have found if I’ve been out in the sun my skin itches for a while when I come in. I just use nivea moisturiser to stop me scratching. It only last 5 or 10 mins but is horrid whilst it lasts.

I have nivea too as it was the cheapest good cream that I could find in our local shop. I will persevere with it and see how i do

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