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because it is the ‘other side’ of our needs and somehow it doesn’t seem quiet aligned but it does describe there view of the issues - What do you think are the issues with post-stoke support & care as we do receive/ do need/ dont get/ etc it?

and as a follow on -
Has anyone heard of (or had!!) an “RA” - a Rehabilitation Assistant?


According to the Stroke Association statistics, there are 1.3 million stroke survivors in the UK. That’s a third of the population of Wales. If all the stroke survivors moved to one area of the UK, we could conceivably have our own country (roughly the size of Estonia) with our own peer-based support services and stroke-specific medical practices. Now that the clouds have dispersed from around my head, I think that because of the postcode lottery in post stroke care quality, virtual post stroke care might be one of the only methods of tying better organised post stoke care organisations with stroke survivors in poorer serviced areas. I also think that each hospital needs to be on the same page as to how they manage discharge for each stroke patient and what information they have at hand to begin their rewiring process constructively. As it stands, all I can see are many stroke survivors scratching around in the dark with a brain injury, trying to piece together their lives.

There is so much that needs connecting and collating, with rehabilitation, knowledge pools, networks, mental wellbeing practice, support workers, and vocational pathways. It’s such a disparate mess for many.


Very interesting. We had RA’s Rehabilitation Assistants when I was in the Rehab ward in hospital.

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Yep - we are under represented and the potential is great - if you go to the YouTube video page you’ll see I put some comment on YouTube.

I’m beginning to get traction for what I have been talking about … As a reminder of virtual community capability…


Sadly the SA (and others) have been a blocker not an enabler or facilitator (or even neutral to) of messages.