Communication Issues

Hi All

Well the past few weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster, it's been a few months since starting Lamotrogine for the seizures caused by my stroke. Neurologist decided that this was the probably the only option that wouldn't impact too much on my cognitive function, and the upside for me although I have no idea why, my blood pressure and being able to sleep through the night have massively improved. The downside is my cognitive and communication functions have gone downhill quite a lot.

Hopefully reducing the dose of medication will improve things and it's not because thing's are changing for the worse. I have to laugh though, according to my daughter's it's probably because I'm a Gemini and both sides of my brain are having an argument about who's the boss and in charge. Quite a novel idea ?

Hope everything is well with you all, take care


PS. I have now officially got my ill health retirement, what am I going to do with myself? Any ideas gratefully received as long as it doesn't involve knitting and sewing.





Dear Bee

welcome to the OAP club.

in a few months you wont know how you ever  had time to go to work.

i took on a house with a long garden. The bottom half is now an allotment patch. Gardenning is a good way to get outdoors. 

never had any pets, but a large black cat adopted us and he is a source of some amusement, a lot of affection and continual interest.

make use of your retirement, it can be by far the best stage in life.


Hi, I also had seizures arising from my stroke but am retired anyway. I find it hard to concentrate but I don't know the cause of that. Learning a foreign language is recommended as a retirement activity but you'll have to see if you can concentrate to do it. Best wishes Hilary

PS Research shows that people who are bilingual are twice as likely to recover their cognitive abilities after a stroke. I am in the process of relearning Russian. Wish me luck!

have you tried learning to play an instrument? Ukelele is very popular and the yare reasonably priced.