Cold limbs on left side

I have been plagued by a cold to touch skin and deep internal coldness in my weak left side, this weekend has been particularly bad only dissipates when in bed under thblankets
I am assuming when my damaged brain repairs or makes sense of my left side sensory cortex it will become history, meantime it is very annoying and making a day less bearable.
I shal have to do some marching on the spot. To generate heat in the leg.

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I often feel the cold & my toes on my affected side are often cold. Not sure if it’s the blood thinners that make me feel the cold more.
Try & wrap up warm & hopefully as your affected side improves you’ll start to feel warmer.

My left arm and hand are often cold. I put it down to circulation but it might just be a sensory think. Like you, once under my duvet it vanishes.

Good advice Thanks, evening heating timer has kicked in feelin warmer,

More grieving over my descent into disability.

The whole stroke thing is abloody waste of life tim on the planet serves no purpose other than the miseryit bring and the almighty 's joy at watching souls suffer with the after effects of stroke, wis h it had never happened and will be glad when I have recovered enough to get so independence back.

Rant over.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::rofl:

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rant away - a lot of this really sucks doesn’t it. I do have to say though that I like the feeling when under the covers and the cold tingling feeling goes away. I enjoy quite a bit of rubbish TV while in bed too. Looking forward to tracking down New Tricks as suggested by someone on this forum if I can get the Drama channel to work


I too suffer with that problem but mine affects my right shoulder and neck, the only relief I get is is heating up one of those grain bags in the microwave and wrapping it round what’s most painful it’s doesn’t, look very sexy but it helps me. My stroke was in December the symptoms haven’t changed much in that time but I live in hope, keep working at it, I’m sure you can get better.

Thanks Alan time is our fiend my stroke was January 3021 and the coldness still goes on never changed at all not even slightly, this and the numbness will go in time just not sure how long.all I can do is treat the symptoms and duffer

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I have an electric throw blanket now. It helps because it is big enough to cover my entire left side so I am not sweating on the left while watching my grandson play video games or tv, and small enough to easily move to my bed when I sleep. Aug 2021. Hasn’t let up, exercise doesn’t warm it, hot bath will but I have to be careful as I can’t feel how hot it is with that side. I forget and have gotten scalded.

Great tip was looking at fleece ponchos as a similar thing without the heating, thanks

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