Cold feet!


Rather minor , but interested in any opinions ? Stroke 2 years on. Seems worst when fatigued. Go to bed & then cold feet,  woolly socks ? . But why , resting ,  medication,  any thoughts ? Thanks David. 

My hand and foot on my stroke side are often cold. I assume this is because the muscles don't work so the blood isn't pumping round. It seems worse at night when it feels like I have a block of ice in the bed.

David. Probably a circulation issue. My stroke side is now my cold side with left arm and hand colder than left leg and foot. When left hand is cold I put a woollen glove on.

Thanks Janet , just ordered electric blanket.  We know how to spoil ourselves.  Thanks David. 

Thanks John,  always good to hear,  from you.   David. 

Our colin the same his left side freezing I wrap a throw over around his left arm to keep it warm which he finds annoying ?

I have a foot 'temperature' problem too but it's the other way ! My stroke was six months ago and down my left side. Fortunately it was mild and I'm feeling a lot better now and back at work (albeit from home and I still don't drive any distance) but my RIGHT foot has felt like it's got its own special hyperactive heating system since March - and I first noticed it when I had the MRI scan in hospital! I've mentioned it to drs and a podiatrist and they have no explanation. 


THANKS Pam , strange, what can happen ? Thick woolly socks out & sheepskin booties. We know how to spoil ourselves,  in our little worlds . ? David. 

Hi David, I also have a temperature  problem in general  since my stroke  4 years  ago. I'm always  cold, even when everyone  else is moaning about the heat. Unfortunately  just another issue  we have to  deal with in this nightmare  !!

Regards Sue