Cold fed up now

Getting fed up with this cold weather now, even going into garden to feed birds hurts plus takes me forever to walk few steps by time I’m back inside I’m so frozen have to stand in front of radiator to get warm stay warm everyone mick


Yes, I’ve never been so cold since my stroke 4 months ago. I didn’t put two and two together until recently. I continuously wear thermals and doubled up on them recently. Also bought a second hand down jacket off gumtree which doesn’t leave my back! I also sometimes use an electrical heated square thing (Argos…about a3 size) to heat me and not the room…when working on laptop i either shove it up my jumper or sit on it :slightly_smiling_face: It’s reassuring to hear others feel the same. Roll on summer :sun_with_face:


Just two more days to go. The weather forecast shows mild weather will return on Monday. I know it has been frustrating - trying to walk on snow and ice is impossible for me on my own.
I am sure there are a few of us are looking forward to the return of mild conditions.

Cold spell ends today. The problem we have is that stroke can affect circulation. My left hand always gies cold so I sometimes wear a glove. I also put on a fleecy dressing gown in the evening, even when the heater is on. 14 degrees Monday!

@Mickyboy yes I think we are all fed up with it now. It has been exceptionally cold. If I venture intongarden i wrap up like I’m going for a long walk. It’s meant to get much warmer next week so lets hope we’re through the worst for now.
Stay safe and warm.

@Squidward welcome to the forum. I felt cold all the time following my stroke but it has got a little better now. Hopefully it will for you too and you never know you may be able to shed a layer or two xx

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i feel for all of you who hate the cold i am the other way being an old farmer i sit in the house with no heating on when dawnie is out or at work then she comes home heating on for a bit she does give in when she says your face is red do you want the heating off bless her

Snow gone now heating went of 10 came back on 3, might be few degrees up but I’m still cold, in the summer it’s gotta be 25 for me to get warm, plus now it’s raining don’t want to sound like a moana but I just can’t win why can’t I go to sleep and not wake up , after Xmas as I don’t won’t to ruin Xmas for family that don’t really give a fig if I live or die as never ever see them rant ocer

Hi Mickyboy it’s tough for us all and this weather and dim days get us all down .Never been a great fan of Christmas but like you don’t want to spoil it for family. All moods have too pass, have a friend who has suffered from depression all her life and says some days you have to ride them out, it’s tough but necessary. Have you tried Audio books from your local library as a distraction, vast range of subject matter.Mate from Stroke group now does jigsaws which he’d never been interested in. No snow here just rain for three days now. Once we get past Christmas days lengthen by two minutes I think I read recently. Stay safe and find some sort of distraction. Have you used Stroke ‘ Here for you Helpline ?
It help me when I was under weather

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All I won’t to do is die

Hi @Mickyboy, I’m sorry to hear you are having such a tough time. I want you to know that I had several people message me their concern for you. You have friends here who care about you and are worried about you.

We are concerned to hear how desperate you are feeling and that you have thought about suicide. Suicidal feelings can be caused by depression which is one of the most common psychological effects for stroke survivors. You are not alone – many stroke survivors struggle to adjust to the changes that stroke brings but help and support is available.

I urge you to reach out to someone.

You can contact our Helpline to find out what support might be available for you. You can reach them on 0303 3033 100 or email

You can also call the Samaritans 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They are there to listen and to provide emotional support for people who are experiencing feelings of emotional distress or despair, including those which may lead to suicide. You can call 116 123 (free from any phone) or email

There is also another UK mental health charity called Sane, who work to improve quality of life for anyone affected by mental illness. They have a useful webpage about what to do in a crisis situation. Here is the link: Other sources of help in a crisis - SANE

Speaking to your GP may help as well. They will be able to listen to how you are feeling and suggest options for treatment and support. This could include medication as well as talking therapies.


@Mickyboy i’m sorry you’re feeling so down. Have you reached out to anyone to tell them how you feel? There are many people who can help you including your GP? Are you able to get out & about a little bit? If you wrap up warm you could perhaps take your scooter & pop & say hi to a neighbour.
Give the stroke association helpline a call too. They will talk through how you’re feeling with you & can offer a buddying service where someone calls you for a chat. I’ve copied their numbers below for you.

Stroke Helpline open:0303 3033 100

Supporter Relations:

0300 3300 740

Please speak to someone.

We’re all concerned about you.



@Mickyboy , really sad to hear you are feeling this way. Christmas can actually have this effect on some people but being a SS with all the extra issues that can bring can make it doubly difficult.
Please try calling some of the numbers that @AshleyTH posted and also your GP. This is not a request it’s an order!
We all value you as a member of this community and don’t want you to be feeling like this. I know sometimes you can’t seem to find a way out of this slump but there will be better days ahead :hugs:.

I was in a fairly desperate place myself not long after my stroke and got some antidepressants. It took a little while to stabilise but now I feel there is so much left to enjoy.

Please listen to the advise and speak to some people that are there to help. I look forward to hearing from a happier @Mickyboy in the future.


Hello ingo66 I’m already on antidepressants since wife passed as I wasn’t coping very we, you know or may not but did the drink,drugs,eating junk not looking after my self driving car at speeds that could do serious damage relished my erro and stop before I kill somebody, then bang 3 strokes bleed on the brain didn’t reconise my daughters could walk right side gon,but after year started coming back with physical therapy after weeks in hospital,my world is now weed only thing that keeps me sane

I’m sorry to hear that @Mickyboy. Sounds like you’ve had a really tough time. I hope that you can sllowly start finding some positive things to encourage you to pick yourself up. Hopefully some of the people on the helplines can offer some ideas or suggestions and remember we are all here to help support each other.

Use the forum to chat to people if you are feeling lonely or down.

Think chest infection gone or was it still very wobbly had something just not sure what, start of cold don’t know but didn’t feel myself, Docters said start emergency pack anyway just didn’t want to end up in hospital, got stack of ironing to do it’s one job I don’t mind doing but haven’t felt up to it, or could be my copd anyway thanks for asking mick.


@Mickyboy there’s been an awful virus doing the rounds. That might be what you’ve had. Hopefully you’ll be back to normal soon.

I have some ironing that needs doing. Could drop it round for you :rofl::rofl: I hate it. Usually put some music videos on TV whilst ironing. Brightens the chore up for me.

Take care.


Happy new year to you mick

Happy new year Anne still feeling the effects of what ever I have taking it’s toll on me legs weak breathing harder inhaler don’t seem to do anything anyway stay healthy mick

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Happy new year to you too Mick. Hope the virus clears up completely really soon. Take care xx