Cold and tired

Hi guys 

Hope you are all keeping well and making positive steps forward in recovery 

My partner had a bad stroke 13 weeks ago and came home from hospital last week which I am so grateful for 

It has affected his right side - he is mostly managing our stairs with difficulty and determination 

He is very tired which is understandable. Recently he is starting to feel very cold quite a lot and feeling weaker again and this is worrying him 

Says that sometimes his legs feel like they don't want to work 

I'm trying to reassure him that we will have good days and bad days but its making him very anxious 

Is this something that's quite common 

Thanks for reading 

Cazmac, This is very true. In the early days, legs are very wobbly. I am five years on and have good days and bad days walking. Also, my stroke arm and hand (left side) are cold more often than not. My left leg used to feel the cold, but is fine now. Tiredness is common too, but eases over time.

Thirteen weeks is very early days, but the fact he is managing the stairs is excellent progress. His determination will see him through. Like all of us, he will have frustrations, but he will have to learn patience. Recovery is slow and something you stick at. Stroke is a brain injury and not a bout of flu . I wish you both all the best.

Thank you for the reply that really helps 

I think patience is definitley the key for both of us 

Thanks for your kindness 

Well, for me, cerebellar stroke survivor (9 months ago), I get incredibly sensitive to the cold, at the beginning almost to the point where the only comfort over winter was in bed, electric blanket and hot water bottle. During the first four months I had many times where I thought my legs were going to seize up and stop working. They never did. I still have patches where I feel terribly weak, this is usually fatigue sneaking up on me. I was concerned about my walking as I shuffle a lot, and worry it could be acquired hydrocephalus as I also have a few of the other symptoms, so I am going back for another MRI. It's my own prognosis and my stroke consultant was kind enough to arrange this for my own peace of mind. 

The fact that he's doing stairs is really great!  After a stroke it feels like with  everything I do, I'm carrying around a 30-lb weight.  Everything is so much harder.  That makes one very tired. It is true you have good days and bad days.  It's so common, I've heard some folks say they like a bad day, because they know it'll probably be a good day tomorrow.  I am also more sensitive to all temperatures--can't take the heat at all. I put mittens on my hands in the house. It has to be between 73-78 degrees for me to feel comfortable.  Everything seems to improve over time, but it is so slow that sometimes you don't see it.  Keeping a brief notepad/journal helps you see the progress. When you think of it, the brain has to rewire all these activities just like a baby's brain has to form connections as it learns things. It's so tiring they have to sleep alot.smiley Look how long it takes to learn to walk, to talk, learn an instrument.  Tell your partner to "hang in there".  It will get better.

Thank you so much for your reply 

That's very kind and helpful 

I hope you get on OK with your MRI 

Thanks so much for that reply that really helps a lot and makes so much sense 

It really is early days and think he is just struggling to the adjustment of being home 

Really appreciate your support thanks 


Glad to hear your partner is home, and stairs is a very good effort.

i had a what they called a very bad stroke 13 weeks ago and I’m not noticing the cold but I’m certainly weaker. Woke up this morning and my entire body feels like it’s done several Marthons when in fact all I did yesterday was mow a small part of my lawn. 

Sounds like he’s doing well and just both stay positive and like me think of the good things he is now doing. 

Hope all goes well




Thank you so much for your reply it means a lot 

Good luck on your own journey also 

Just read Your Post I do hope that you husband recovery is going ok I was lucky I had a mild stroke it's only five weeks old stay strong it does get better even if it is slowly all the best des