Cold and flu remedies

SWMBO came down with an awful cold this week and has passed it onto me, a stroke survivor since 2016 following a subarachnoid haemorrhagic stroke. We recalled being told at the time essentially I’m not allowed to take any cold and flu remedy nor ibuprofen. I can’t find anything on the web so surviving on cocodamol (30:500) to get through wondered the what’s whys and options. My sleep apnea CPAP machine is helping a lot and BP remains fine

Scimitargtc -
Can you take Tylenol (acetomenaphen)? My doctors said that was ok for me. I can also take guaifenesen(an over-the-counter cough medicine, and Vicks vapor rub. I can’t take decongestants, but anti-histamines are ok. So, I take an anti=histamine pill at night (they can make you drowsy) as well as nasal spray 3 times a day(Azelastine, an antihistamine nasal spray without decongestants. (My doctor wrote a prescription for it. I also use a cool mist vaporizer or humidifier to keep the air most. Just some ideas. ::heart:Jeanne

I would give a pharmacist a call to see what you can take. I also think ibuprofen based products should be avoided.

Hope you feel better soon.


A number of the decongestant remedies can increase your BP so it can be a bit limiting if bp is an issue. I hadn’t realised until I looked into it just how many I can’t take.
Beconaise can help clear a blocked nose/Nasal passages and a saline spray can also help.
Albas oil is another to breath in.

I find vicks 1st Defence really effective for colds

I haven’t be advised against ibuprfene - do you know why in wasn’t recommended - my gp suggested ibu in pills then in gel for joint paain

Hmm I’m on clopi and had diclofenic sodium & amonium