I have had 2 strokes since 2020 and even though the second stroke was smaller, I feel it has affected me more mentally and emotionally. This time it feels like I am stuck in neutral and just can’t work out or even see any other gears. Does this make sense to any one? And how do I fix this?

Hi Darren. I also have had two strokes, the second about two months ago. I don’t know what caused them. I am now learning to walk and talk again as before. My second stroke was a smaller one but still a shock! I can’t understand why it has happened. Sorry I can’t help you but send you my good wishes. Lilian

Welcome @Darren_HR sorry to hear you’ve had 2 strokes. I’m not sure how long it is since your 2nd stroke but if its early days you may find the feelings you are experiencing will slowly improve in time. I wonder if you are suffering more this time because you had made so much progress last time that the thought of doing it again is too much right now. Emotions are often all over the place after a stroke. You could try speaking to someone from the stroke association about how you’re feeling…am sure they’ll have some pearls of wisdom to help. You’ll find lots of support on this forum too. Stay strong. Best wishes.

Hi Darren yes we all have our own way of trying to describe the confusion and trying to find the right gear is spot on. With me it’s looking for the missing part of jigsaw which I’m not likely to find. But I’m just over a year down the road to recovery and you slowly come to terms with dealing with it. it’s a humdinger and not easy but I’m sure you’ve been told the three’A’s Accept,Adapt,Adjust but stay positive and keep posting lots of good advice given here by caring people Pds