Coffee and Gout

Just throwing this out there, boys and girls

Has anyone suffered from gout? if so did you find that removing coffee from your diet made it worse?

I have a hypothesis (or is it theory?) - in hospital @SimonInEdinburgh stopped drinking coffee and he developed pseudo gout (yes it it a real symptom).

Recently he stopped drinking coffee and what do you know, he has developed a bout of gout!

Has anyone else experienced this?

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I suffered from gout many years ago, probably about 15 years. It was so painful! I never found anything that seemed to make it worse, and giving up things like alcohol, rich food etc didn’t seem to improve it. The only things that seemed to work was medication and time.

I rarely drink coffee, so don’t know about that link, but like many things it’s probably very individual so whatever you find works is definitely worth trying.




A coffee a day keeps the doctor away perhaps :smile:

I’ve never experienced gout myself and from the research found internet, coffee doesn’t seem to have much influence either way. But on some sites is says increased insulin sensitivity and decreased insulin levels improve the elimination of uric acid and sodium .


I do have gout as one of my 11 active medical conditions - oh make that 12 after yesterday…

I rarely drink coffee anymore - I try and sleep as much as I can and don’t need caffeine to wake me up!

BUT - since I have started taking 100mg allopurinol once a day I have not had a single episode for over a year…

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Occasional gout sufferer here too- needless to say, got an attack in my one ‘good’ foot straight after the stroke so stymied my first few weeks of attempting to walk on it.
Had always controlled it fine with colchicine but the hospital insisted on allupurinol which then meant i had a month of gout attacks which apparently is normal when you start taking it… Settled down now but was not a great start to getting me on my feet again.
Specifically on the coffee question, I have never had any problem with it before. Only thing I knew would set off an attack for sure was to have a feed of shellfish which I love of course!
Worth a try if it works for you though.