Coenzyme Q10

Hi has anyone used coenzyme Q10. I had a right para median pontine infarct august 15th 2019. Aged 69. The full works, mouth,face left arm,left leg. Collapsed & woke paralysed-on the left side. Eventually after oxygen to stabilise me I was given clot busting treatment.

I had made a spectacular recovery, but tiredness was a real problem. Until I tried coenzyme Q10 14th September, with my doctors approval. Wow I am more or less back to how I was pre stroke. No need for daytime sleeps. Workouts at the gym 3/4 times per week. Little problem with aphasia now or anything else for that matter. Slight weakness down the left side but no one other than me is aware. 
I also take a multivitamin / mineral tablet plus D3 a form of vitamin D as that has benefits re formation of antibodies to keep COVID 19 at bay.

I heartily recommend coenzyme Q10, even my aches from dupytrans in my left hand following surgery has disappeared.