CO - Q10 and fatigue

CO - Q10 is like a vitamin supliment. Dr. Chris Steel was talking about long covid and fatigue and recommend a good quality one. I have just bought ninety tablets for £37. 

Only had one tablet and not noticed any difference but it's early days.

I have done a bit of research and it's good for the brain. It creates energy in your cells and taking statins reduces our natural production.

Thought I would share this information with all you lovely people.

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Yes I have taken it for a number of years and saw the programme where he was recommending it.  It is supposed to be good for the heart and I certainly think it gives me more energy.  But it didn't stop me getting fatigue after my stroke, unfortunately, but certainly worth trying as it may help.


Hello Julie 12345,

What you've possibly missed is that CoQ10 can have a blood thinning effect and can therefore 'interact' (have a negative effect) with any blood thinning medication you may be taking - blood that is too thin increases your risk of bruising, excessive bleeding and stroke even.

The same can be said of Omega 3, Turmeric. Ginger, Vitamin E and Garlic. TV and Internet Doctors are usually talking to the general population and not to people with chronic conditions and the medicines they may take.

So, if you notice anything abnormal - bleeding from your gums, increased bruising, blood in your Urine or stools, discuss the CoQ10 with your own doctor.

Stay safe,


Thanks Damian.

I will ask my GP about it.

It took 3/4 days to kick in for me. Miraculous stuff .