Clopidogrel side effects

Hi all
Does anyone on clopidogrel have a feeling of something in back of throat like a tickly cough similar to gastric reflux. I did not have this prior to stroke. Also is there an alternative drug?

I take Clopidogrel and am fine with it.

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I am on amlodipine, Indapamide and ramipril.
I was just looking at clopidogrel possible side effects on nhsinform site

I’ve been ok on Clopidogrel. There are alternatives I believe. Chat to your dr / pharmacist & see if they’ll change it for you.

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I’m OK with amlodine as I was taking it before stroke

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My Clopidrogrel tastes pretty foul but is at least small enough to swallow whole quite easily. The Atorvastatin that I’ve been given this time from the pharmacy is like a horse pill - a pain in the neck, or at least the throat, to swallow. It doesn’t have too many side effects although I do take Lansoprazole to guard against reflux as I have a pre-existing hiatus hernia.


@FionaB1 i agree re Atorvastatin. They are huge. I was on 40 mg & thought they were big enough. Then the dr increased my dose to 80 mg & they are even bigger :scream:
I take lansoprazole to stop acid reflux too. @scott.mcque maybe you could ask about a reflux tablet?

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@Loshy i received a random phone call from my GP to say I was on wrong dose as medical guidance said stroke patients should take 80 mg. I questioned it with consultant later & they said she was right although they only normally gave 40 mg. They said they wouldn’t interfere with GP. I will ask again at my med review though.

Thanks Fiona. I take 30mg lanzoprozal twice a day.

Hi, I found that Ramipril caused a really annoying tickly cough and I was then changed to Losartan, which so far seems to have done the trick with no other side affects. Unfortunately it does seem to be a case of trial and error regarding medication following a stroke.

Good luck trying to find whatever works for you.

Regards Sue

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Hi @Loshy - I take 60mg of Atorvastatin. The hospital started me off on 40mg but when I saw the stroke consultant she thought my cholesterol was too high and increased it. Luckily I’ve had no side effects from it.

Hi all since january was on atorvastin 40mg clopidogrel 75mg lansoprazole30mg plus 2000 mg of paracetamol for joint and back pain doctors have just dropped the lansoprazole to 15 mg all daily i walk like a snail and rattle like a snake

40mg rugby ball shaped pill daily. Plus tiny pink clopidogrol are my daily drugs plus paracetamol when needed for headaches and relieve the pain of tightness .

Ill see you Monday for more zoom fun!!!

Hope your week is going ok?

Andy x

Hi scott

Sorry mate but ive not noticed any side effects on Clopidogrol…although i do call it sloppydogpoo coz im 53 going on 12 !!!

Makes me chuckle anyway!!!

Hope you get sorted ok



Hi Sue
I saw stroke doctor yesterday and mentioned the problem. She didn’t suspect clopidogrel but enquired further and suggested ramipril can cause a tickly cough. She is now prescribing me losartan instead! Result!


Im on 75mg Clopidogrel and take it with my breakfast , also on 80mg statins which I take with my evening meal. I’m also on Omeprazole for reflux, this I take as soon as I get out.
Seems to work ok for me.
Best of luck.


yes, I found Ramipril caused a chronic cough and that was changed. I reported that via yellow card as that can be helpful for monitoring side effects . Can’t take Omeprazole or similar either as that causes constant diarohea, again completed a yellow card. thankfully folk listen and change meds to help.


I am now on Apixiban as clopidrol was not for me and was the reason for suffering second stroke as I have AF

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Hi @Loshy I am on 20mg of Atorvastatin, like you my cholestrol level was ok. Wonder why they put us on statins anyway?

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