Clopidogrel question

I've been trying to establish whether taking clopidogrel has a side effect of causing a person to feel cold all the time?  My husband takes it, and even during this summer's heatwave, he routinely wore at least two layers of clothing!  He feels the cold terribly and is currently wrapped in a blanket, wearing 4 tops + a body warmer, the heating is on and he's still not really warm!!  I just wondered whether the thinning of the blood would cause him to feel cold.  However, I can't see this listed as a side-effect in any of the websites giving info about "clop".  Is it just him, or do others suffer???  The winter is a nightmare, and it's only just starting ? 

Hi nicabella i also took a small stroke and am on clopidagril and i feel the cold since starting on it.

hi, i'm on a cocktail of drugs, clopidogrel is one of them, i don't seem to experience any side effects at all, i remember having cold feet before my stroke but i wasn't on it then.










Thanks for the reply James - it wasn't listed as a side-effect, maybe it's more anecdotal rather than a medical effect?  So it's just a case of wearing loads of clothes and looking like a Michelin man!!  

Stay cosy x

Thanks for the info, glad you don't have that side-effect ?

Yes lol

Hi Nicabella..  Ive been on Clopidogrel since my stroke a year ago... I was always warm as toast, even in the winter... I now have much colder hands, arms , legs etc.... I just presumed like yourself that's it's because my blood is thinner.

Hi, i take clopidogrel and am a lot colder than i used to be but have the occasional hot sweat. If i am sitting for long periods i have a hot water bottle on my lap. I also suffer with massive bruises that can appear overnight.

Judging from the replies, it seems that some folks are affected by the thinning blood, good news for Damart & their thermals!!  

Oooh brusing doesn't sound good, as far as I'm aware my husband doesn't seem to bruise easily, it's just being cold - very annoying having the house as warm as toast, but he's still wrapped in a blanket!!  I might try the hot water bottle (under his blanket!!)  Doesn't help that being a female of a certain age, I'm usually tropical whilst he's shivering ⛄️ ☀️ 

Thanks for replying - stay cosy xx

Hello Nicabella, John is also a lot colder these days and his blood thinner is Rivoroxaban!  He gets into bed and is like a block of ice until I snuggle into him to warm him up. It produces lots of giggles  - innocent ones - and total role reversal as it used to be me being the cold one. My Mam and both my in laws had Strokes so it wasn’t a surprise for us. They wore bed socks even during the day if it was too cold.  The other item we bought for Mam was a mini electric blanket which was very useful. I now use it when I have back ache. We bought it in Argos and it cost about £15. This message board is so reassuring, isn’t it? 



Nic, on another note, John was getting bruised on one arm so saw his GP. It seems he’s been leaning sideways on his chair which has wooden arms and now the bruising has eased off a bit. Having said that, I’m looking at him now and he’s back in the same position! Grrr! Veronica xx

The people on this site are marvellous, there's always someone to offer a kind, helpful word - it truly helped me through the most traumatic year of my life, angels every one ?

The blood thinners clearly have an impact on the body's temperature - it's role reversal for us too, I was previously the chilly one!!  Sometimes I get into bed to warm up a space for my husband and then roll into the cooler area when he comes to bed - as you say, it's hilarious really but good to know we're not the only ones!! xx

Yes I have exactly the same, very cold to the point of shaking. I was a very warm person and could snuggle up in a tent!

The only answer is loads of layers of clothes.  The down-side to this is, it can be a struggle to get the layers on, as the fabric grips, so this may be very awkward for folks who have suffered a stroke and have mobility/strength issues.  Also it creates so much laundry!!  

The thought that you might always be cold because of this medication is quite sobering, because even during this hot summer, my husband was still having to wear a couple of layers of clothing.  We always take extra clothing with us wherever we go, which is a pain, it always feels as though we're expecting the worst case scenario!!  (Embarrassing when we go to visit friends and he keeps all his layers on!!)  ?☃️ xx

I also feel cold all the time, but that was even before being put on clopidgrel. I think it might be one of the symptoms of stroke.

Yes it could be a combination of stroke + meds, he's wearing 5 layers today !!

Nic, these two guys should meet up lol! John wears his jackets zipped to the top then hugs himself! Aghhhh!!! 

Sounds familiar - wonder if I can get thermals on prescription?  These chaps have their own tog rating!!