Clopidogrel + Fluoxetine


This is my 1st post! I had my stroke a month ago (I'm 51) and have been put on clopidogrel and atorvastatin. 
Is anyone else on Clopidogrel and fluoxetine (or other SSRI medication?)

My GP stopped my fluoxetine which I've been taking for 4 years as there was a possibility it could affect how well the clopidogrel works but I am really struggling without it. I can't tell what emotion is stroke related and what is down to going 'cold turkey' on the antidepressants!

Anyone else in the same boat?





Dear Cait

sorry to hear of a stroke, but welcome to the site.

stroke will, if given an inkling of a chance, cause depression.

you really don't want that, it is going to slow your recovery a lot. So try to bat away the depression.
Many of us die, so try to be thrilled that you have survived. You have a second chance, so make the most of it.

clopidogrel and atorvastatin are pretty bog standard.  They will help avoid another stroke.

smile a lot

be determined


Hello Cait and welcome!  I don't know much about Fluoxetine but you say it is an antidepressant.  I take Clopidogrel and I know it can affect a couple of medications. It reacted with my BP tablets causing a permanent cough so I was taken of Perindopril and now use Losartan which has cured the cough never to return.  Due to a disc protusion in my lower back, non-stroke related, I was prescribed amitriptyline which in low doses is for nerve pain but in higher doses, it is an antidepressant.  This doesn't react with Clopi but takes about 8 weeks to kick in.  I'm not sure if this will be strong enough for you but maybe worth a chat with your GP to see if it could be a possibility?  Hope that helps.

Hello, I really think its a mix and match, with your GPs approval. 

I couldnt tolerate clopidogrel or statins, but do take amitryptiline for nerve pain and assistance to sleep. Instead of statins, I take ezetimibe. Also on loads of others such as amlodopine, bisoprolol, losartan, aspirin and citalopram. And now also gabbapentin for constant nerve pain. Its taken 5 years to get to this stage and have started or stopped lots of others, just down to a close and honest relationship with your GP. 

Hi Loshy - if you have a look at my reply to Cait, I had the same problem as you with the cough. Clopi reacted with my BP tablet Perindorpril so I was taken off that and given Losartan which cured it and it never returned. I also take amitriptyline which didn't give me a cough. It's all pretty much trial and error in the early days isn't it?  I am 4 years post stroke and had a TIA in Oct last year. 

Hiya. Thanks very much for your reply - I really appreciate your sharing your experiences. I actually managed to get a telephone appt with my GP this afternoon and she has put me on something that works in the same way as fluoxetine but doesn't effect the efficacy of the clopidogrel. I can't remember what it's called tho! My memory was dreadful before the stroke so I don't stand a chance now! smiley

thanks again! 
ps I have a bad back too so send my sympathies! I had steroid injections recently and they have helped loads. 

Hi Loshy. Thanks so much for your message. I am so sorry to hear about your stroke and the recent dizziness you have been experiencing. I hope they can find the cause and so prevent it from happening again. Your tip about walking every day is really good. It must be difficult and frustrating for you not being able to do it at the moment but I hope you can ease yourself back in gently. 
take care


Great stuff!  What annoys me is why do they put you on these tablets in the first place when they know they are going to react?  I often wonder whether they actually read anything on your file before seeing you. It's not so much my back but the nerve. I am fine standing, walking, laying, but when I sit, this pesky little disc pops out and irritates my sciatic nerve which numbs by leg and foot down the outisde. I've no pain at all really but just couldn't sit down.  The Amitrip has been a life saver for me and I am back to normal now.

Dear Loshy

I don't think we have an NHS at the moment. We have pockets of hard working staff doing their best, but how can they accommodate covid patients, and try to avoid the virus and then try to cover the arrears of treatments. Thank goodness I had a stroke before all this covid stuff. I feel distraught for people who had stroke in late 2019 through to date.

Early 2020 I developed a heart problem that gave me a few weeks to live unless I got a new heart valve.  I got an echo test and as I left, the cardiac department was closing. And every hospital was closing. I paid to go private, but not many of us can fund that sort of thing.

it made me realise what a horrid situation there is for SS.

I still  get dizzy spells just occasionally. They last less than one day. I don't think it's the medication, but I am left wondering. Some GPs and some chemists have a specialist in medication. if you could locate a specialist maybe they can help you.



Before my stroke I was on fluoxetine and amlodipine. I was uncoscious for about a week and underwent surgery. All my meds that I took before stroke were stopped. and as I was 'away with the faries' for another 2 weeks I never noticed withdrawal effects. Fluoxetine (aka prozac) is addictive as some years previously I tried to stop it gradually but became tearful all the time. In hind sight I needed some counselling as I was dealing with a lot of stressful issues at the time. 

Cait, if I was you I would talk this over with your GP, it may be better to taper off and ask for support in what ever they can offer. The best counselling I had was a group that met weekly. I had 1 to 1 but felt like the counsellor was always clock watching.

Since my stroke, I am more emotional -seeing my own GP next week and going to ask why I was taken off the a lot of other questions!

I take all three and my GP and hospital have passed them I have been on fluxoxetine for about 15 years my stroke only happenedfour months ago I would ask for a second viewpoint hope all going well

Hi Cait I'm in same I has stroke April this year I was in fuloxetine I was prescribed clopidogrel I read online how they don't mix and I decided to come straight of them the fulox I went cold turkey after being on them for years it was my choice it's been OK lots of numb void days but I'm not sure if it's from the stroke.

Could you find out what your GP gave you instead of fluxoxetine because I take both like you did would Ike to know because fluxoxetine. Work well against my OCD   and I do not want that back again and new meds might not work as good as fluxoxetine because if they do not I would rather not chance my meds thanks des

Hi Everyone,

I had my stroke 5 months ogo follewed by an endarterectomy (cleaning out the right artery).  I am aged 76, but always been very fit (marathon runner). Always hsad a plant based vegan diet. I take Clopedogrel and Avorstatin.  I am continuosly tired and balance poor.  Do most people feel like this?  Taking these chemical drugs really frightens me.

I take both those drugs with no ill effects. You do have to be careful about minor cuts when you are on blood thinners, because you will bleed more. One outcome of stroke is post stroke fatigue, which you are never told about and little is known about it. I am nearly six years post stroke and a bit older than you. I nap for an hour every day at noon.

I go to three exercise classes a week for seniors and these have improved my strength and balance no end. I still get wobbles though, but walk reasonably with a stick. I also take vitamin d and iron supplements. The tiredness eases over time.

Hi Cait, welcome to the site! You will find my posts on a few of the topics, but basically I had a stroke after a car crash 40 odd years ago, never knew and never diagnosed until 2017!!!
I was put on Clopidogrel - couldn’t understand why considering I’d lived with stroke all those years, but I started them and then I started feeling like they were hurting my stomach and dizziness and chest pains. Went to a Hospital Consultant and said I was not taking them any more (my GP had already shouted at me about stopping them). The consultant said that I only had a small percentage of them stopping anything else happening to me anyway, so she was okay with me not taking them.
So I don’t take anything, but you should always discuss anything troubling you with GP or Consultant first and then make your decision.
Nice to see you on the site - take care, stay safe, have a great Christmas and New Year! Best wishes, John aka Bert

Hi , clopi & astro , same as you . Cerebellar stroke , 2.5 , years ago aged 61 . I do not think ? These cause ME problems, But mobility bad ,scooter , walker or stick . FATIGUE, TERRIBLE, every day, bed rest ,3 or 4 hours ! SPOILT ROTTEN, gorgeous traditional Xmas meal . :yum: But now accept it has to be cut up for me & I eat with a spoon, to save energy. Good talking David.

Spoilt rotten eh David3? Sounds good to me;-) Take care, Bert.