Clive Wearing - The man with no short term memory

There are worse brain injuries than strokes, I wonder, which would we rather live with :thinking:

The Man With The Seven Second Memory

Clive Wearing - Wikipedia.

Phineas Gage is another man who had his whole personality changed to due to a head injury.

Both of men are fascinating to read about.


indeed very interesting

have you seen the Adam Sandler and Drew B film 50 first dates? cheesy but realish

the MRIs in it annoy me as they get lobes wrong and are of altzimers not etc etc sorry OCD!! ha ha

Dan ackroyd does get one right but it’s just a fluke


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No I haven’t seen the movie but I’ve read the synopsis so I’m might try it this weekend. Wonder if they got the idea from Clive Wearing’s condition :thinking:


Quite possibly!!!

I think there is a ‘10 second tom’ or something

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I’ve seen it 49 times but can’t remember what it’s about


Actually I’ve seen it One and a half times and I remember virtually nothing,…

Interestingly my recall is bad but my recognition that I know something wants somebody else reminds me is extremely good

It’s long been postulated that the human brain is capable of storing the whole life experience and indeed does so but that the recall mechanism is broken or at least very poorly implemented. It’s also postulated - maybe even a fact - that there are powerful forgetting mechanisms - see the ebbinghaus effect - that are necessary filters to distinguish the important, determined by brain mechanisms as encountered repeatedly in different contexts- from the unimportant.
My daughter once to told me that the reason infants sleep a lot is that forgetting mechanisms operate during sleep- they are a housekeeping activity!



It must be like living with only the short term memory in effect, not being able to shift priority information to the long term memory. It’s fascinating how effective procedural memory is, his case with music reminds me of riding my bicycle without any effort for up to an hour, soon after hospital discharge, but being unable to walk properly once dismounted.


And we think we have it tough. Must be so difficult for him & his family. He can play the piano well though even if he can’t remember it.

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