Climb every mountain

I have just been up Snowdon, which I last walked up 45 years ago. Of course I didn’t walk up, that is beyond me, but I did go up by train. Like all survivors, the trip was planned carefully to take my reduced mobility into account. The train tickets were booked in advance and my partner and I stayed in a guest house within walking distance of the station. I walked to the station the day before the train journey to gauge the distance and find resting places on the way if needed. On the day of the trip, the sun shone, I had a good seat on the train and I loved every minute of wonderful to go up this mountain and see the views. Yet another milestone met, even if I needed a good rest afterwards. Friends, there is Life after sure to live it!

Well done John. I am so pleased you had a truly great day on your visit to Snowdonia. I am also jealous ! I have been up Snowdon four times and never seen anything from the top, other than clouds. Once up on the train other times walking up from Llanberis and from Snowdon Ranger via two different routes. I think the last time would have been about 45 years ago. Ish.


Thank you Colin. I agree to do things and then have lots of heart searching before the event...,what if I’m taken I’ll ? Will I cope with the journey. However, I make myself do it. Am very tired now, because, as you know, such adventures are very taxing on us. I am glad I did though, because it is another milestone. If we do not try, we are in danger of vegetating and becoming chair bound. I refuse to let that happen. My reward has been wonderful views of mountains, lakes and coast. Everything worked out as planned, so for that I am grateful.

Hope you took lots of photos, so pleased you made the journey smiley  You have to make the most  of the good days, to get something in the bank for the not-so-great days.  xx

NicABella, Thank you. I feel I have to, especially for my partner. If I sit being negative that does neither of us any good. I even check out disabled toilets, so that I can get reassurance all with be okay. Worth noting that disabled toiletsin Wales require radar keys. These can be bought online quite cheaply and save on stress when out and about. One of the few perks disabled people get.

Oooh never heard of a radar key, are they kept in the same place as a sonic screwdriver?!  

It is hard to generate a fun atmosphere when you really don't feel like it, I'm sure your partner understands this by now, I certainly know when to keep a low profile or to make myself scarce, then we can enjoy the good times.  You would do the same if roles were reversed I'm sure.

Fortunately my husband is mobile and does not require any walking aids, even though he's hilariously wobbly on some days.  He once slipped over in the garden and landed in a large flower pot, and although I was worried about how the heck I was going to get him back on his feet again, I couldn't help thinking of Bill & Ben the flowerpot men - guess that made me Little Weed!!

On a serious note, I will check out the radar keys, if they're used in Wales, I'm sure there will be other places where they are also in use.

Best wishes, Nic x

Here is a link for you.

You do Sometimes need them in England, but in Wales they are a must. Fortunately, I havenot fallen for a bit and, yesterday, I broke my record for duvet changing - 25 minutes and no swearing.

I often think of you when changing bed sheets and blankets. I am exhausted by this task, more than anything else. So no swearing, well I never. Smiles instead perhaps. I prefer sheets and blankets to duvets and this is less difficult.



Congratties on that duvet changing record!!  It's a task I always delay until I'm just about to go to bed - I pass the bedroom door, and think, nah not yet!!  Always regret it when I'm tired and just want to collapse, I never learn.  Just like Colin, I often think of you when carrying out that particular chore, you have become famous in the duvet changing world!


Many thanks for the link, have a good w/end I'm just about to go off black-berrying again...



You may be interested in hearing about a Dansac toilet card as well - different to a key but they are 'credit card' sized cards, which are designed as a discreet way of requesting the use of toilet facilities perhaps in retail outlets / restaurants / bars or leisure facilities etc. where there is no public facility available.

By using this card there is no guarantee that the person in charge will uphold the request but they are more likely to consider and understand the nature of the request with this in hand.’

You can get these cards from Dansac directly or something similar from the Bladder & Bowel Community.


Bladder & Bowel Community