Claw/Hammer Toes - how do/did you deal with it?

Hello folks. I had my stroke in April. Things have gone really well in terms of my rehab. I never really expected to walk. I have mobility although still walking with a stick. Despite this I have developed claw toes on my right foot. When walking my toes curl under and became painful. I have seen a podiatrist and got a splint for my foot but after almost 3 months, feel that my toes are worse , not better and walking is starting to become painful. Going to seek more guidance on this once Xmas is done, but wondered if anyone else has a similar problem and what you are doing about it.
Thanks for any responses

Hello Fiona, have you thought about seeing a reflexologist?

Thanks Rups, no I hadn’t but I’ll look into it. Thanks

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Hi there,
I found that toe crests provided the solution for me. The best places to get them are Amazon or Ebay. They are made of silicone, so you don’t feel you have it on. They do however, come in pairs, but I have worn left footed ones on my right foot and they shape to your foot. The relief you feel is amazing when you put it on for the first time. A word of warning though. Because the toe Crest goes between your toes, it makes your foot wider, so you need plenty of width in your shoe otherwise things get a bit painful!

I’ll have a look and perhaps give these a try.

I have to say they were a real game changer for me. I went about 2 years before discovering them purely by chance.


Have ordered some, so will see how we go…

Hi Minnie , tried my new ‘toe crests’ today. Went for a walk and you were right…much more comfortable. Many thanks for the heads up!

Hi, I had a brain haemorrhage in 1996, that left me with el spasticity in my left leg and foot. My toes on that foot claw under and my foot also goes over to the left. I have BOTOX injections into the bottom of my left leg every 4 months or so that cute this. I have it done at the hospital that I was in after my haemorrhage.

Hi Crick. I had my stroke last April. Right foot where I have claw toes developing. Someone mentioned BOTOX to me. At the present time, I think the podiatrist thinks its too early, so I am persevering with the splint plus whatever I can do stretch wise etc. He did mention surgery, but I would like to avoid that if possible. It’s just so uncomfortable at times.

Hi Fiona,
Glad to have been of assistance. Enjoy your pain-free walking!

Hi, I cannot remember when I had my 1st Botox injection after my brain haemorrhage, only it was way before 2015. I am due to make another appointment for it, if they will do it. They did say they think it is not lasting long enough, because I have had it for so long. I also use a FES machine to put my dropped foot in the right position for walking and also a Foot lifter that attaches to lace up shoes, to do the same thing. I will try anything to help me carry on walking on my own before I give in, because I know the next step is a wheelchair, and I am not ready for that.
NO WAY. Thanks for reading this.

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Hi Fiona

I am in a very similar position only with my left ankle and toes. I have gone from left leg paralysis to walking with a stick, but the toes clawing is really stopping any further progress. I have to be very careful in bare feet as on a couple of occasions my toes have gone right underneath - quite painful.
It is painful after a short while as the toes are digging in with every step and eventually feel as if they are raw. I am also going to look at these toe crests as well and will report back.



Paul, the foot splint I have recommended by the podiatrist is helpful when I am sitting at home. It’s a Darco foot splint. Lots of velcro straps but, I did find it helped. I use it for anything from an hour up to all day, But when walking I still find I get the clawing hence I asked if anyone else had issues. I have bout a selection of things. Gel tubes are helpful in protecting the toes around their knuckles.
Have you seen a podiatrist? We are fortunate to have one based at our local health centre. Might be worth an ask to get a referral as they would know what is best for your toes.
The toe crests I have used 3 times now and so far so good.